Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Public Holiday

i had a very eventful public holiday... all i did was sleep.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I found it !!!

I found it !!!

You know when you are so occupied with something and then you hear a song and you stop doing everything to listen to the song.

I found it, i found the song that describes my mental state, current situation and emotion about life

Not gonna post the lyrics....just listen...

Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

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Its monday again, 3 more working days then i'm leave now.

Sound excited don't i ? not sure why i'm not because i haven't taken leave in december in nearly 4 years and i need the break.

The weekend was quiet, only real interesting thing that happened is that we had a braai on saturday and my friends family came through and we took it easy.

Sunday i couldn't stand sitting at home any longer and decided to go walk around. i decided that since i was there i might as well go say hi to my ex because i still am a human being even though i sound relentless.

She didn't seem really bugged that i came to say hi so i wasn't there for long and i went home.

I don't want to be alone this holiday. it seems that i can't find someone just for the december to spend with. i don't want to go to my freaking family on christmas because they're a bunch of snobs and i will eventually just piss them all off and get into my car and leave AGAIN.

I did however figure out something this weekend walking through the mall. its amazing how many people will look at you when you aren't "looking" I picked up small and subtle hints about everyone i bumped into this weekend and i like it but i'm not sure if i'm correct about the hints but we will see.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is gonna be a long post.

i have a slight hangover too so this post might not make any sense.

I went out last night with friends as it was students night at the keg. i was a bit apprehensive as i felt there was something wrong. its hard to explain.

I've had a rough couple of weeks with my ex wanting her stuff back, my current ex girlfriend not being able to explain to me why the hell we broke up and why she needs time and me just getting utterly confused about life in general.

I was sitting at the keg last night with some of my closest friends and for a point everything around me just disappeared and i was alone.

Ok wait, this isn't gonna work. got a massive headache, the freaking aircons aren't working and i just feel crap.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The weekend

I had a ok weekend,

Friday afternoon i went to my "mom" for her birthday and had 2 drinks with her and afterwards i went home, took a shower and decided to go ice skating as i had nothing better to do with my time.

It was fun, i really can't explain it but it took my mind off everything and i could just have fun.

Saturday morning my plan of action was to do the brakes on my car but when i looked i noticed i didn't have a jack so it was a lost cause so i decided to go do our washing which was a good idea as it was really warm and the clothes were done quickly.

Bev smsed me out of the blue but i was actually hoping for her to sms me as i have been missing her. I'm not sure what is going on but i'm giving her her space. only thing is that i miss talking to her and i hope she feels the same.

Sunday i went through to see my goddaughter and damn she has grown, she has a full head of hair and she is so adorable, quiet and googly...all she does is eat and sleep.

I got a phone call from my brother telling me my mom's place is apparently under water. I phoned her and she was freaking out and hung up on me so i raced through to her place to expect the worst and when i got there she didn't have hot water. People should really communicate correctly.

Went home afterwards and just relaxed and around 9 last night i had the craving for sweets so i went to the shops and got myself some sweets.

P.S. i don't know whats going on and i need to find out because its ripping me apart.

no comment

"When You're Gone"

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie is made up on your side

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok
I miss you

I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now


We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were, yeah
All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home alone

This is the first weekend or saturday as a matter of fact a saturday. Lying in bed now and watching a movie and thinking about everything that has happened in the last week. Fuck i hate myself. Should've seen the signs. I tried, failed and Fucked up.

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Mom's birthday

I'm now sitting and having a smoke with my 2nd or 3rd mom as its her birthday. I'm extremely calm strangely enough even though i'm try to grind everything through my brain.

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Friday, November 28, 2008


Damn i'm glad this day is over. Work on my car tomorrow and just relax since i'm alone once again.

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Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm up quite early today. I'm still lying in bed and today is going to be interesting are everything is finally going right for except one thing. Will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Working Weekend

This weekend wasn't much of a weekend, i spent saturday and sunday working and i'm on standby so i never moved away from my laptop or cellphone which was kind of a bummer.

Friday night was relaxing, Bev's mom was away on business and her dad went to go visit friends. We just played pool and spent some time together.

Saturday i came to work and just did the obvious and after work i went through to Bev as her mom was back from business and i wanted to say hi. we took it easy and just relaxed and i was working so i couldn't do anything hectic.

Sunday was exactly the same except for one thing. me and bev made a bet that we could see if we could stop talking to each other and for how long. Sunday being alone at work, not talking to a single person and i finally cracked. I hate silence.

We took it easy last night. I woke up this morning with a serious neck pain.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something is wrong !

i don't know what the hell is happening to me.

I'm so freaking tired of my F%$#ing life and i can't cope now. Working is killing me and my family are a bunch of lying son's of bitc$#s.

Some a-hole owe me money and doesn't have it to give it back. I'm struggling with fu-king money and i still owe on 2 accounts....

I managed to screw up my relationship aswell once again because of my own issues and i highly doubt she will forgive me this time because i was rude and miserable last night because i had to work and i couldn't enjoy myself because if my ISSUES.

Gonna see if i can either get some muscle relaxants today or see a shrink.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreams and Stupid shoes

Last night was a fun night, i learnt that i'm getting old and unfit as hell !

Sunday night we optly decided to go ice skating and yesterday afternoon Bev wanted to chicken out but we wouldn't have it.

We got to the mall and went for a drink first, i was also actually quite nervous to get on the ice again as i haven't done it in months.

Gathering all our might we went to the rink and i got on the ice expecting a bail as my skates are pretty blunt. Amazingly it came back in perfect form.

Bev wasn't so keen on skating which i don't understand as she's a pretty good skater except for the stopping part but we will fix it.

I did some quick runs and noticed that someone was busy ripping my right lung out of my chest. It was a burning sensation from the cold air being breathed in at high speed and it hurt like hell.

I decided to stop skating and i walked with Bev to get her shoes back as she has hired skates on. I had given her a pair of sneakers that my ex threw back in my face and she said that she would wear them everytime we come skating as she won't mind them being stolen.

Ok, i might've reacted wrong by saying those shoes Had memories instead of saying they cost me alot of money and i wouldn't like them being stolen.

She was or still is upset with me because i know it hurts and her ex has also made contact with her again and its really pissing her off.

I'm to a point too scared to say anything, i don't want to lose her for anything and i would kill the motherf%^$er that tries to take her from me.

The dream i don't want to talk about, it scared me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

a Weekend to remember

This weekend was amazing !!!

I have never enjoyed myself so much in a long time and we really didn't do much.

From fighting with each other regarding a past life to being so attached to each other with invisible handcuffs.

Friday night i went through to Bev and just spent a relaxing evening there as my friend was spending the night at a friend / girlfriends house and I went through to my girlfriend.

Just being together and sitting and chatting and watching tv and just in general having fun. She is still trying to kick my ass playing pool and my Angel, i love you alot but its not gonna happen...

I think in the first time in my life i have made a really good impression on someone and it makes me feel really good about myself. Her parents like me alot and she loves me more than i could've ever imagined.

This is truly my soulmate.

Saturday during the day i had to attend a tenants meeting which lasted a whole 20 min and then afterwards i went through to my mom to take her a couple of things to eat and smoke and bla bla bla. I quickly rushed back as i was counting down the minutes i would be without bev and when i got there she reminded me that we were gonna go to Emperors palace to take her gran gambling and we could go play games. Yes I know, a 25 and 23 year old playing games but its a lot more fun.

I enjoyed the day in general except for one girl annoying bev and my friend that can't make his mind up. I really need to buy myself Time Crisis 4...Angel ?

Saturday morning Bev's parents went away to go camping and asked me if i would stay over and in a heartbeat i said yes. saturday night we just relaxed, had a couple of drinks and played pool. I think i should never go to a public place again if i've been drinking. sliding around on tiles at McD's is weird but what the hell, i'm still young.

We crashed into bed around 11 or 12 or something, i seem to lose track of time completely when i'm with her. it has to last forever.

Woke up sunday morning surrounded by dogs and my Angel next to me. show me one thing that can be more perfect. we laid in bed for a while and then got up as my friend was there and he complained of back ache. i solemly took him to the doctor and they gave him a voltaren and panamor injection which is funny...for me atleast. Thank you my Love, i owe you.

Afterwards picking up all our things we headed home just to make sure we still had a house and then i took brad to his mom to paroxide his hair, it looks good now. just need to keep the style he has.

Last night we just went out for coffee and i have never seen a person laugh so much out of other people's pain except for me earlier the day.

Tonight we are going ice skating, a little nervous because i haven't skated in 3 months and my skates are blunt.

If you don''t hear anything from me tomorrow i have been killed in a horrific blunt instrument death.

This is my last will and testament....


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So messed up !

Ah i messed up, it happened so fast.

I went to my girlfriends house last night to spend some alone time together before her parents came home and we were just making out and relaxing together until her friend came back and then we logged onto mxit to chat a little as the privacy was gone we had a few minutes earlier and she asked me who was that person i had that was new on my phone and i said it was one of my friends that invited me the previous night and we left it there.

We decided to play pool and after a while her one friend rocked up in tears and she just needed someone to talk to. She ended up playing pool against me as i was on a winning streak and my girlfriend was listening to music on my phone which doesn't bug me as i have never had anything to hide.

Later on in the night my girlfriend became really quiet and i asked her what was wrong and she said nothing and i left it but it still bugged me.

After her friend went home i asked her what was wrong again and she said that the person that invited me was not my friend but my ex. I told her i didn't know that but yes, unfortunately she didn't believe me and she told me i should phone her and tell her to F%^# off.

GOD KNOWS why i didn't do it. I love this girl till the end of the earth and i would do anything for her and i couldn't do a simple request.

I screwed up and now i have to live with it.

She came along
Broke the spell
And set me free
Push aside
What use to be
All the broken hearted man that once was me
I never gave it up
I always believe
When shes in my arms i know what i achieve

So hear me lonelyness
Im giving up on you
I dont need you anymore
Ive found what i been lookin for
So hear me emptyness
Ive got no room for you
Ive finally found what ive been dreamin of
Someone to love

Cos i was lost
I was down and out
Untill that day
I knew what my life was all about
Still wonder how
She came my way
Shes the reason im smiling here today


Oh my god i have not been so worried in my life.

I got 2 smses last night for bounced debit orders that i didn't have enough money in my account...

I have never been good with money and now its catching up with me. too much debt and too little money. I have about 6 or 7 accounts which i pay every month and 2 credit cards and a loan. Its crazy for such a young person to have so much debt. I also took over my brother's cellphone account and he couldn't pay it and he helped me years ago when i was in my car accident.

My angel told me today that she will help me. I just need to stay positive. with her i can do anything.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Updates !

This is going to be a long post.

Thursday my girlfriend suggested we go out and drink some coffee or just relax away from our homes. We decided that we would just go to Greenstone and have a meal together and my friend and his friend came with. The evening was relaxing and we had fun chatting.

My friend is currently seeing a girl he met through one of his customers but she's currently 6 months pregnant. My girlfriend isn't very happy with it and neither am i but its very difficult to tell him as he's head over heels but people need to bump their heads every now and again.

Friday night we went to my girlfriends house for some relaxation and just be together. i enjoy sitting around with her alot more than going out and doing other things.

Saturday morning i woke up early as everyone went to work and i fell asleep again...

I went to the flea market to find a converter for my PC and then afterwards i went home and cleaned the place up as my girlfriend was sleeping over and my friend's friend was also coming over. The night was good, all of us just sat and chatted in the dark and my girlfriend had a bottle of wine which was cleaned out without making any dishes... :-) I have no idea what time we went to sleep but it must've been really late as i woke up and i apparently told my girlfriend to leave me alone and go home which i can't remember.

I was upset when i heard this and then i still needed to go to my mother. After bribing a stupid cop for pulling me off for no reason i got to my mom and we chatted a little bit and i told her what happened in the morning and ofcourse she sided with my gf and told me to stop my crap and fix the problem.

Afterwards i went to my girlfriends place and just relaxed and chatted and played some pool as her mom cleaned out the poolroom, i think my gf is still convinced i let her win...

She was tired so i left quite early as i also needed to go to my friends house because they asked me earlier and i still needed to take his friend home. We just sat around and talked about my one friend that sent me a message yesterday saying that he's moving out.

It didn't come as a shock but now i need to tighten up my belt even more. A salary doesn't stretch very far no matter how much you earn.

I will survive because i have always.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Life is fantastic currently.

I have a great relationship with a very special girl, my work is good for a change and not so stressful anymore. I have my own home even though i don't see it so much but i can live with that.

Everything is just going so well. i have been spending alot of time with my new girlfriend and we're almost at the one month mark of dating. We are learning so much from each other everyday and its a great joy to be able to speak to each other about things and keep the conversation going for hours.

Her parents love me and my mom loves her. We are going to do great things in our life together as we have the same aspirations.

I love you Angel.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing !!!

What a fantastic weekend, probably one of the best I've ever had.

I took friday off so that i could spend some extra "us" time with my girlfriend and we went out to a shopping mall to go do her work she still needed to do a then went for breakfast, afterwards we went back to her house and just relaxed.

Saturday morning i was up quite early as me and a friend wanted to go to the fleamarket to go buy various things and take a look around and we walked out with nothing. Saturday afternoon we were invited to a cocktail party which was kinda disappointing as the rugby final was on with the Sharks and the Bulls.

The party was kinda boring and as the bus arrived for the matric farewellees its starting raining hard and i knew it wasn't going to stop anytime soon, afterwards myself and my friends family went to a pub to have a drink and finish watching the game. After a lot of screaming the Sharks won the game 12-7 and it already put me in a good mood but i also knew i needed to face my girlfriend as she is a avid BB supporter.

I took my friends family home and then went through to my girlfriends place as she was at a wedding and she'd left early. We just relaxed at her house and i went home to a empty house as my friends were all out.

Sunday morning i was woken up around 12 because i only fell asleep for some odd reason at 7 in the morning. i went through to my girlfriends house to pick her up as i was going to drive my mom around to do all her normal shopping.

My girlfriend was kinda nervous to meet my mom but i knew that it was meant to be that my mom would like her and i was smack bang on target. My mom even said she likes her and what shocked me the most was that my mom hugged and kissed her goodbye. She has never done that in my 25 years of being alive and dating and i was seriously impressed.

I have met the woman of my dreams and i know it and i will always keep it that way.

Mwah I love you Angel.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happiness defined

I'm so happy that i can't explain it.

I finally have that relationship that i want and need. My work is great and i can finally live.

I would've thought spending so much time together with Bev would cause some problems but it hasn't, its FANTASTIC. I can wait to drive home every afternoon to go and see her for even a hour and just hug and kiss and be together. :~)

My one friend has been very sick since tuesday and yesterday he went to the doctor to find out that its mumps and is now under quarantine as i have never had it and i can't take the risk to get it as it can be quite dangerous the older you get.

I'm gonna spend the evening again with Bev and i can't wait as its so nice just sitting around and being together.

Her mom got stung by a bee yesterday morning on her finger and it looks pretty bad. It was attempted last night to remove her rings as they were really hurting her but it couldn't be done without hurting her. Bev told me this morning that her dad took her mom to the hospital as her finger started turning blue.

Its nearly friday and i have the day off tomorrow AND i'm getting paid AAAAND i'm gonna have a wonderful day with the most wonderfullest person in this world.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Was yesterday a weird day.

Myself and my girlfriend were talking about handheld consoles and that we both really want to have either a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP.

She said that she's gonna go buy herself one and i say then i am aswell so we can play games together and the like.

Yesterday i decided to go to a mall and just have a look at what i can get and since i'm a very good paying customer from CNA they had one DS left and only one game and it didn't work out so expensive.

She naturally hated me for getting it as she wants toys aswell. I love her so much.

I went there last night and she tried to ignore me and i could see she was upset but atleast i'm willing to share anything with her even though its not the same.

I love you my angel and you can always play with my toys.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A day from Hell

Sunday was not one of the best days i've had in my life.

Driving home my clutch cable on my car broke AGAIN, i managed to get home without a clutch but all the car part places were closed so i had to wait till yesterday to get a new cable.

My girlfriend didn't have to go to work so she said she would take me to get a new cable. She took me home and i started to work on my car and do a backup on her laptop as the machine is really slow and she wants it to be redone.

After 45mins and being dirty as hell i managed to get the cable installed.

i'm still struggling with the laptop though but it won't get me down.

I went to her after fixing my car as neither me or her can get enough of each other and since we are both sick it helps to be together.

My ex was smsing me to say there was post for me and i just ignored it. Bev saw the message and i could immediately see it made her upset and she asked me why don't i sms her and say i'm at my new girlfriends house and i said i don't want to communicate with her. Her aunt came through to see her new bedroom because its really stunning, will try and get a pic and upload it sometime. I smsed my ex and told her to leave me alone when she went upstairs.

i hate being on my phone when i'm with someone i care about as i want to give my full attention to that person.

Later on after i left i got a message from bev saying we should only be friends because my ex is not over me and she will not go through it again.

I'm not gonna go on with the whole story as i don't have the time to type everything out. We did manage to sort everything out and i'm happy because of it.

I would rip my own heart out if i would have to lose her. i love her, she listens and speaks to me in ways i could never explain.

I love you with everything i am my Angel. Love you forever and always.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here i am on a saturday...sitting at work.

I'm still a little stuffy but alot better than what i was yesterday, just goes to show that kissing helps but now i think i gave my flu to Bev again and that would not make me very happy.

We relaxed last night alone as her parents went out to friends and all my friends were out with family. All we did was watch movies, sat with each other and kissed. I think last night was the most relaxed i've been in a long time even though i'm on standby she doesn't mind.

She takes interest in my work and i love that because my work is very important to me and she kinda tried to force me to do work but i was really not in the mood.

I'm gonna finish work at 1 and then go home. i have to refill gas bottles for my mom and take them through to her because, once again, my brother is useless. Bev has also made herself broke by buying things for her bedroom and i actually can't wait to see it. She has great taste in anything and i know it will look beautiful.

I pray that this flu goes away. i'm gonna cook myself in my car today as its like 30degrees outside so maybe this flu will give up after a heatwave.

Someone has breathed life into me again and she is my Angel for who I love with all the soft touches of my heart.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Being sick

I'm sick today...scary sick

I never become sick, i think the last time i saw a doctor was when i broke my wrist in a freak drunk ice skating incident. No i feel like utter crap, it seems i have swallowed a cheese grater and its stuck in my throat. I'm sneezing aswell and its annoying.

And the whole crap thing is i'm also working this weekends so i'm truly not looking forward to it. i just want to crawl into my bed and sleep. Bev has just recovered from a bad flu and i'm so scared i'm gonna make her sick and i don't want that.

I spent the night there again and only left around 1 in the morning. It was so good to just sit around alone and talk and be together. we discussed something this morning and i completely understand it and there is nothing to be sorry about. If you are not ready then you aren't.

Luv u Angel.


Good afternoon evereeebody.

Yesterday was a crazy day and this morning was any better.

I kept myself occupied with work and now and then stopping and talking to Bev. She has the amazing ability to always make me smile and she always senses when something is wrong with me even though i don't know it.

I had a huge falling out with my brother yesterday as my mom is currently living on her own and she is dependent on me and my brother to help her but he hasn't come to the party much lately because of his whore girlfriend.

Anyway, i told Bev yesterday that i'm going to my mom and she asked if she could go with and i told her that she can't because i'm ashamed of my mother, yes i know "don't say that about your mother" but the reason for that is that i have known the woman for 25 years an my life hasn't been perfect. we struggled alot with money when i was younger and only from around i was 12 it became better and we could live life again.

My mom is a alcoholic, she blamed my father for this as he was one aswell and he used to be the crap out of my mom when he was drunk. Its tough for a little kid to see this and unfortunately i cannot forget it...stupid photographic memory. People have envied me for what i have like a paid for car and the nicest gadget but i worked my butt off for everything i own.

Facing huge challenges all your life makes you such a strong person. I haven't cried or anything in nearly 15 years BUT i keep everything bottled up because it helps strangely enough to be strong. I have seen so many psychologists in my life that i can actually qualify as one :~)

I will fight for anything i see and feel is right as i have proven over and over again to people. I'm hugely aggresive when it comes to work as i want to do the best and i hate it when people try and prove me wrong when i know i'm wrong.

I'm not a genius or something but i know what i'm doing and i'm damn good at it. I love my girlfriend to the end of the earth and i proved it yesterday.

Remember, when you think your life is tough and hard...think about that guy on the street looking for a piece of chicken in the trash.

P.S. This post makes no sense, i'm just babbling again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Its amazing when you meet someone and you just click like you've known each other forever and you want to spend every minute and second together.

I was at Bev's house last night to say happy birthday to her dad and spend some time with her. we saw each other on sunday last and it feels like we haven't seen each other in months.

We just sat around and talked about our day and its so much fun to share everything with her. she's going through a tough time now and i'm standing by her with everything i have.

Brad came through later on and he was on facebook and we just chatted and looked at photo's of saturday.

We now have a bet going who's gonna win the final with the rugby and its gonna be fun to have a couple feuding over a game. We might have to go to a wedding on the final but she's trying to worm out of it.


I love you my Angel

I will buy that box of kleenex so long...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weekend

I can honestly say this weekend was the best ever i have had in a long time.

Where do i begin and i know i'm going to miss something and there were so many things that happened over the weekend.

Friday night after work myself and a friend was invited to go to my girlfriends house to watch movies. My friend spent the whole day friday there as he was off and he didn't want to sit at home. It did make me a little jealous but i know nothing will happen as it can cause some serious discomfort as we live together.

We watched some movies and we got home around 3 in the morning. I just crashed and burned and i told my girlfriend to get some sleep as she has been going without sleep for nearly a week but she was always cheery no matter what. I have to love that about her.

Saturday morning i was woken up early to go to my friends dad's place to check the timing on my car. We had to meet him at the rugby club and after about 3 drinks we left finally to go to his house to check the timing. I figured out was was wrong and gonna fix it during the week.

Myself and a friend got into the mood for the rugby as my team (sharks) and my girlfriends team (bulls) were playing different teams on the day and we had our shirts and flags and the whole 9 yards. We got my girlfriends house and she was fully kitted out in blue which suited her as she has the most beautiful blue eyes. She also straightened her and and let it hang loose which made her so much more beautiful.

We started dissing each other on friday night and we continued on saturday afternoon. The rugby started earlier than we expected and by the time we noticed that the sharks were ahead by 26 points....you have to love a good team.

I started getting a massive headache later on in the afternoon and decided to go take a nap. I woke up with a 3 year old in the bed with me. kids are so cute when they sleep.

We continued drinking into the night and had some delicious potjie.

After everyone left around 1 in the morning we made a christmas bed infront of the tv and myself and my girlfriend drifted off to sleep. I couldn't really drift off as i slept earlier the afternoon.

Sunday we did our washing and recovered from the weekend. My girlfriend was swimming with friends of hers. I'm not a swimming type of person. Sunday afternoon we just opted to watch movies at my house.

Tomorrow is my girlfriends dad's birthday so i'm going to spend the night there. She told me i shouldn't buy anything for him but maybe i will.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I haven't been this calm in a long time. Normally i'm super stressed and tense and its not because its friday or anything.

I had a nice day at work, my Head of was not in and my supervisor was only in the office till about 12 and then left for holiday.

I was super chuffed yesterday because i went and bought my b-day present. I was like a little kid with wide eyes staring at a huge array of car audio that would make any car fantatic have a orgasm.

I already knew what i wanted because i have researched this so deeply that i even know how the voice coil is made on the speaker. I bought them and now they are in my bedroom just aching to be installed but i'm gonna wait because i want to take my sweet time :~)

I went to my ex's house yesterday because she got upset about something again and she told me to come and pick all my things up. I went there and my stuff was standing on their porch and to make a long story short I got upset and put everything in my car and just drove away.

I think that is the closure i needed. It hurts but hey, its better for me and my life.

i had a fun night again at Bev's house. Her friend Meg came over and we just had a relaxed and had a couple of drinks. I think their might be some sparks between my friend Brad and Meg, will see how it progresses, we are going there tonight for movies.

I woke up this morning and 2 of my friends were sitting in the lounge talking crap. they haven't slept and the place looks like a bomb hit it. Brad was still sleeping as he has off today.

Well i need to start working. get this day over with and have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Good lord i was tired last night.

I haven't been so tired in a long time but i enjoyed every moment of it because i spent the best 8 hours of my night with someone i really enjoy.

I spent my birthday night with a very special gal and it was so much fun talking to someone and laughing.

Yesterday was a bit tough though as with 2 hours sleep and having a massive hangover really didn't work for me. I had to go to my mom after work and i asked a friend to drive with me as i was so scared i would fall asleep behind the wheel.

We managed to get to my mom and back home in under 2 hours which is pretty good especially at night. I hate driving that road.

I got home and since i took a shower earlier i just got undress and fell into bed. i subsequently fell asleep 10 minutes later.

I'm still tired but its better now and tonight i'm going to Bev as its PaRtY night at her house. Its going to be fun but i would rather be with her alone.

Love you Angel

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday as everyone knows and it was pretty uneventful until last night.

I went through to Bev's house for a braai and to meet the parents. I dread it as i don't always give a good impression with the piercings and long hair but i think i did impress.

I normally drink spiced gold so my drink was already there when i walked into the house. We sat and chatted for a while until Bev's friend decided to go to bed and we still had a couple of drinks and we talked and then it happened.

We kissed.

You know the point in your life when you feel nothing can be more perfect. that was what it felt like.

The kiss sealed the deal last night and we will definitely be seeing alot more of each other.

Now i have to sit with a massive hangover and 3hours sleep...please someone help me.

Mwah, luv u Angel.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today is...

Well today is my birthday but it doesn't feel like it.

I've never been really big into birthdays since i was 12 and now i'm 25. I hate attracting attention to myself even on my b-day.

Bev phoned me early this morning to wish me a happy birthday and i was so out of it that i thought it was my alarm and just pressed a button and put the phone down and only noticed like 2 seconds later it was her on the phone.

I also got a really sweet happy birthday song from the sweetest 3 year old which nearly made me cry.

Time to start working.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weekend

Holy crap what a weekend, it seems to last forever but i know why that is because i didn't sleep so much.

Friday night was quiet, myself and a friend stayed at home and decided to see who can cause the most damage to a car on PS2. we had a couple of drinks and just took it easy.

Saturday morning i had to get up early as i needed to take my mom shopping. We did the shopping and myself and brad went back home. He was putting portraits up at my mom's place as you can't hit a nail into the wall without taking out the entire wall.

Saturday night was going to be a relaxing night at home until i was asked to go to the Keg to meet Beverly for the first time. As we were getting finished she told me that they won't be going and i was quite disappointed but i understood. Later on around 10 i got a phone call to say that they were going to the Keg. I was a bit pissed off because i hate it when people change arrangements and then everyone must fall in.

We had a bit of a argument as to if she wanted me to come or not. Myself and brad eventually decided to go through.

We got to the Keg and walked in to get a drink and decided to go out to look for a seat but they were having a private function and half of the place was closed off. I walked past 2 girls sitting there and i immediately knew it was beverly by the dress she was wearing and when i looked back her friend smiled at me.

I notice everything in my surroundings and i pick up the most subtle things.

We sat down and listened to some dude on a guitar that killed songs slowly. Bev and her friend walked right past us and i just smiled. Its so cute when people are shy. We sat outside for quite some time and i kept on smsing Bev and eventually she told me to join then as i asked repeatedly if we should go and sit there and myself and Brad just got annoyed and i walked into the Keg, sat down right next to her and just smiled.

It was a fun night, Bev was a bit drunk and her friend had left with guitar boy and i was already on my way home and i can't drive 2 cars. i really feel shit about it but i was upset about something that only 4 people that were there no about and its not for public interest.

We sat at home and i only went to bed at around 3 in the morning.

Sunday we got woken up early as we had to go do our washing. we went through and started the washing and sat outside for a while and we wanted to go for a pub lunch but the pub was closed then we opted to make lunch at mom's home then we wouldn't have to cook dinner at our house.

I couldn't get up this morning. my body is tired but relaxed and i can breathe again. I have met Bev and its finally something i'm looking forward to.


Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm putting another post up for some very adorable reasons.

If you saw my wishlist and you see the below pics then you will know what i'm talking about when i say a want something for my car.

Everything in my car i built myself including the central locking and alarm system.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whoo hoo

Well last night was a huge success, I managed to do something stupid and not regret it and i didn't get arrested.

I got home yesterday afternoon and I proclaimed to Viv and J that i will be getting trashed tonight and they just laughed as Viv was giving me a beer.

Quickly picking up speed at home i decided to go out and continue.

My plan was simple, get drunk as quickly as i can and pick up someone. I got to the keg and amazingly got a parking space right at the entrance which was perfect for a quick get-away.

Just by getting out of my car i attracted all kinds of attention because people started greeting me and screaming "Hi Jay !". I've never been popular or anything.

Coming into the Keg i met a friend i haven't seen in about 2 years and also a girl i used to date.

It took me nearly 30 minutes to get a drink so i decided to drink for 2 as Brad was not there.

The evening progressed and i ended up sitting and chatting to a girl i used to fall over my feet for and it was fun.

Didn't get laid or arrested but that wasn't my purpose, i did however managed to drive nearly 200km/h down a piece of road and i wasn't that drunk.

I have to get out more.

Sorry Angel that you couldn't be there, We would've had alot of fun.


I'm listening to a song now from Snow Patrol.

Listen to it....it makes sense. to me atleast

Make This Go On Forever lyrics

Please don't let this turn into something it's not
I can only give you everything I've got
I can't be as sorry as you think I should
But I still love you more than anyone else could

All that I keep thinking throughout this whole flight
Is it could take my whole damn life to make this right
This splintered mast I'm holding on won't save me long
Because I know fine well that what I did was wrong

The last girl and the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

We have got through so much worse than this before
What's so different this time that you can't ignore
You say it is much more than just my last mistake
And we should spend some time apart for both our sakes

The last girl and the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

The last girl and the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

And I don't know where to look
My words just break and melt
Please just save me from this darkness [x2]

And I don't know where to look
My words just break and melt
Please just save me from this darkness [x2]

$%#& everything

Geez today is a complete screw up.

I managed to lose someone i really like, PI@# off my ex because i'm apparently insensitive and make contact again with 2 very old friends.

Busy day...

I think tonight i'm gonna go out, get completely trashed and do something stupid and not regret it. I'm in the mood for it and no one is gonna stop me.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm praying for the weekend today, i'm so tired but i do have a excuse.

After work i got home and I was supposed to go to my ex to get the rest of my stuff but she smsed me and said i shouldn't come. I then went to my mom to take her a couple of things and get some things aswell for our house like tupperware and tins and stuff.

You can clearly see my mom has no one to talk because as soon as we got there she started talking and about 40 minutes later i had to stop her so we could go home. My mom is a very sweet lady and i love her to bits but geez she can talk.

I only fell asleep around 12 last night and i forget to set my alarms. I woke up quarter past 6 this morning which isn't so bad but i give 2 other friends lifts so it gets tight if we are late.

I'm seriously missing Bev. I haven't had a connection like this with anyone in a long time and its a refreshing feeling.

Brad is going away tonight and tomorrow to his dad so its only going to be me and Viv. We have to invite the neighbours over for some coffee.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It being my birthday soon i thought of things that i would really like to have. Since i'm not really big on b-days i would rather get something for my car. Most of the things are pretty expensive but its all worth it and my frontend of my car is hopefully getting fixed next week and i'll post some before and after pictures.

I hope someone reads this...

Reclinable Racing Seats
2 brand new 1200watt Pioneer DVC subwoofers
New DVD player as the one in my car is 3 world country crap knock off.


Last night was a relaxing evening.

It was my friends birthday yesterday but since everyone was working and waaay too tired last night to do any we just decided to stay home and relax, little did we know that a storm was brewing at my friends parents place and they were bored so they rocked up at our house around 8 or 9 last night to have a birthday drink...Tequila and Sours.

My friends girlfriend even cooked for us, chicken ala King and it was divine. It was our first cooked meal in the new place and a true way to celebrate a milestone.

Bev got upset with me last night because they were supposed to go ice skating and instead stayed home because she wanted to talk to me but i didn't know so i thought she didn't want to talk to me and a couple of SMS's later and we ended up being mad at each other and i still don't know why.

I'm a very grumpy person when i'm tired and i take things way too seriously when it doesn't go my way. Accept it or F-off.

She's coming to my work today so i hope to see her :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ins and Outs

Well my day started fantastic.

I had a very good nights sleep last night and i'm not sure if its from the one beer i had or because i finally unpacked the last box. Either way it was fine.

I took me a amazing 20 minutes to get to work instead of the usual hour, I have cut my travel distance in half just by moving so i'm very happy as petrol is slowly killing me.

I spent a huge amount of time talking to Bev last night. I enjoy it so much talking to her and we can constantly make it each laugh and she thinks i'm a true fruitcake, which i am but she just needs to get to know who i really am.

We might be going to Keg again for a students night on Thursday night and then hopefully we will get to meet. I just hopes she likes me for who i am and accepts all my kinks.

Time to do some work...oh wait there is no work....OOOOHHH Hot Chocolate...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


See ? I always get reminded of things. My memory isn't that good anymore.

I was supposed to meet Bev this friday that past at the Keg but to my dismay she told me that her friend f$%#ed off with her car keys and she was unable to meet me. I was seriously upset but i understood.

I finished my water and Brad finished his beer and we went home. Bev said she heard a car racing past her house and it might've been me as i was clocking nearly 170 down that stretch of road and i also raced a Opel 200is away...stupid kids.

We've been having a ball chatting to each other even though i was a little lost on saturday. i really need to make up my mind but now that i have moved and i can relax i have made my decision. Now its only up to her.

My ex is upset that i have moved but she has to move on...I'm looking out for myself now.


Well this weekend was interesting.

I took friday off so that we can arrange the process of moving over the weekend and buy everything we needed for the house.

Friday we went to Makro (a huge bulk warehouse / store in SA) to buy our general groceries and what not for the house, it came to a staggering R1000 which isn't so bad as we got some alcohol aswell for the whole bachelor effect.

Saturday morning myself and Brad went to look for a fridge, my company gave me a shopping voucher so it went to good use. Stuff is getting really expensive nowadays and we found that out on saturday. we go the fridge and after some hefty searching.

I started packing on saturday afternoon for sunday so i wouldn't get lost in all the clutter. I honestly didn't think i have so much crap until we had to fit everything on a bakkie.

We managed to get moved by around 4 in the afternoon and i still have alot of unpacking to do but i had a good night sleep except for the shower that doesn't want to stop dripping but that will get fixed tonight.

Its going to be so much fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Always on a public holiday or weekend...

Well i had a nice "quiet" public holiday.

We had a farewell on tuesday so i was sitting with a beer in my hand at 1 in the afternoon. It was a good way to end the day and go into a public holiday.

I went to bed quite early as i was tired and a little tipsy. I was woken up at around 2:17 on wednesday morning by a drunk romantic and she is right in her blog that i couldn't fight her but i would accept her proposal anytime.

I've known this young dame for 2 years now and about 2 weeks ago i convinced her to send me a photo as i have never seen her before and i'm very impressed even though she doesn't think so but i think all girls have that.

I'm going to a student night tonight with a couple of friends and i'm off tomorrow as we need to pick up a whole lot of furniture for our move.

And something always goes wrong on public holidays or weekends, i woke up this morning and started my car and as i put it in gear the clutch cable broke. 2 hours later i managed to get it fixed. i have a cut on my hand and i was late for work but everything is fine now.

It's amazing what a IT dude can do when he knows how.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Privacy !!!

Why do people always have to be so paranoid and scared ?

I need to make sure that people don't have my password and pins for the various websites i go to. I love my privacy and once its envaded i will kill that person.

My facebook was entered without my permission and personal messages that i have sent people was read and i was attacked about it.

I'm not in a relationship any longer but to break my trust and privacy is a huge thing for me.

If you can't trust me then tell me.

ARGH, atleast i found someone that understands :) happiness will prevail.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shut up...I kill you !!

I had a quiet weekend, it was my purpose to relax.

Friday night i just sat at home and watched tv. Saturday morning i got woken up with a vacuum cleaner in my ear. DAMN i can't wait to live on my own again to get some peace and quiet.

Sunday i took my mom shopping and she's atleast happier now that my brother's girlfriend isn't living close to her anymore.

I also put my old radio back in my car. it defies purpose having 2 screens in your car and the old radio just looks so much neater.

This week needs to fly so i can move.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh the excitement

I found out last night that my new place has been arranged and paid for, I haven't stayed on my own for a while but 2 of my friends are going to live with me so it makes it so much better.

Its gonna be tough for the first couple of months but atleast there are people out there that are helping us with the necessary things to start your own home. I told my ex's mom last night that i might be moving out end of the month she looked really unhappy but i think its more of not having me there anymore than it is about the money.

My friend has never lived on his own so his mom just wants to cry when we chat about it. I'm basically her son as well as i spend alot of time there and its tough because i'm also the oldest...hehehe

I got a email this morning about pictures that if you can recognise them then you are old...I'm so old...19 days and then its a quarter century...holy S%^$

We played volleyball against one of our departments yesterday and lost miserably. They play once a month and i knew it was going to go downhill from the first minute. The ball exploded in the first game already and we then started playing with a rugby ball...really interesting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going down in Flames

Yesterday was crazy, I've been dreading since Sunday to speak to my ex's mom that I'll be moving out and i told myself i had to do it last night.

I had a huge fight before i left the office with my ex because she heard that i wanted to move out and she completely mis communicated it to her mother which caused all kinds of shit.

I was completely hyped up and burning with anger while driving home (traffic doesn't help) and i got home and just sat on my bed and waited... I'm a extremely patient person and i wait for the time to strike.

We managed to sort it out after a lot of yelling, crying and complaining.

Her mom is just worried that i will break all contact with them when i move out but i assured her i won't as I'm not that type of person.

Our department is playing volleyball against our Billing department and its going to be hilarious as our Billing team practice 2 a week and they are pretty good. I think the Orange t-shirts we got is a indicator, might as well make a target on my back.

I'm not playing as I'm not feeling well. will see what happens and get some pics up on.

Oh yeah, i went to go visit my goddaughter last night and she is beautiful. For a 2 week old baby she's already drinking a 125ml of milk at a time which is a lot and she's starting to Google...not the website.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy S$%^

Well how do i start this never ending nightmare ?

The weekend was good, i was working saturday and sunday so it wasn't much of a weekend. My ex went out with a friend so it was possible to have a restful weekend.

Saturday i was at work and afterwords i was supposed to go to my friend's dads place but seeing the amount of the police on the road i was hessitant on going anywhere so i just relaxed at home and caught up on some sleep.

Sunday was a boring day at the office but it went past quickly. I went to my friends place as we are looking for a place to stay and we went out to go look and we found one that we really like. Its a 2 bedroom place with a lounge and big kitchen and garden.

Last night i got the lease agreement and i'm going to sign it now after i've made all the changes as i know what my rights are. Its good to have a lawyer in the family.

I'm so excited to move in on my own again. living you a girlfriend is a rough thing to do especially if you are so young.

Will keep you updated and maybe get some photos, they're still busy building and tiling so i will take photo's when they are done.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving on out

I had a lot of fun last night, myself and a very good friend decided to go out last night for a couple of drinks and to discuss with him about moving into a place together so he can get out of his parents house and i can move away from my ex.

We decided to go to the Keg as it is students nights and upon arriving there i just kept on bumping into old school friends and my one ex girlfriend which i dated nearly 6 or 7 years ago. She's still gorgeous and upon seeing her i could sense those sparks again.

Anyway...we were sitting around and talking and the "bf" decided to pass out in her car so myself and her decided to just relax and chat about the good old days and then it just happened...we kissed. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT that was amazing !!! There is no way in this world i can describe what went through me when it happened.

The last couple of weeks have been really rough on me emotionally and going out was the best thing i have done in a long time. OK OK i have a massive hangover today and i'm tempermental and sensitive but i had loads of fun.

Going house hunting tomorrow after work so hold thumbs.

"moving on out"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Made to fit

I noticed someone really odd yesterday, strange but odd.

I was driving to my mom's place and there was a street vendor selling sunglasses and since my precious BBB sunglasses were stolen that i got as a present for finishing the 94.7 in 2006 i was in serious need for sunglasses.

The guy showed me a set of F-akeleys and i told him that there were too big and since we were on a "traffic light" time line i didn't have much of a choice. I took the glasses and when i put them on i actually looked cool.

It's amazing how things just mould to a persons body like its meant to be there.

I seen that as well with my piercings (all 5 of them) and my tattoo.

Guess I'm just gifted.

Woman = Crazy

Well today is not going so good either, same problems...

Woman are gonna drive me crazy. its a equal fight between my mom and my girlfriend.

My mom is bitching and moaning because of my brother and that she can't watch DSTV and my girlfriend is upset because I'm chatting to a girl she doesn't like. I'm not winning either battle.

I'm a normal person that enjoys talking to people and my girls in general but my girlfriend is the possessive type and she's paranoid about everything.

I don't know what to say anymore and its crazy at work. I will do a post later on again when my thoughts are gathered.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another day.

Well yesterday was a day straight out of Hell to be perfectly honest.

Our system were causing serious havoc and the worst is that the pro's that look after them didn't know what was causing the problems. They managed to sort everything out though before i left.

I had one helluva fight with my girlfriend yesterday because of another girl that she doesn't like because of a one night stand, yes its stupid but i do understand why she would freak out. I got mad and told her to f$%# off if she's not happy. BIG MISTAKE.

I got home last night and she was lying on the floor in her bedroom and a whole pharmacy around her. I don't think she drank too many of the pills and they're most harmless. I made sure she could wake up and made her throw up and the usual.

I'm a expert when it comes to suicides as i have lost nearly 5 friends to it and i have saved 2.

If you want attention, ask for it. Don't try and kill yourself because that is a waste of time and you will ultimately be judged for it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


WOW i haven't done a post in a loooong time. Think i should start again as talking about things helps to deal with it.

Well my weekend was OK, my mom moved last weekend into her own place because it was getting a bit much for living with my brother's girlfriend as she's a useless person.
I went there on Saturday to buy her some things as her she wrote her car off nearly a year and a half ago, its now true that cigarettes can kill you as she was trying to light one when she went off the road...

I also went shopping for my god daughter that was born a week ago. she's so small so it was tough getting something but i thought what the hell because she can grow into it. I didn't take any photos because i bought everything and immediately took everything through as time has become a real issue for me.

Sunday i took it easy and just stayed at home and attempted to redo my car dash with Carbon Fibre but it came out really bad so I'm scrapping that idea.

Let me attempt to keep the blogging going...

Friday, March 28, 2008


Its official... I should stop driving.

Well it all started on tuesday, i was driving to work and I stopped to fill my car up with the most expensive fluid you can find in South Africa. I walked to the ATM and lo and behold it doesn't work. I told the attendant that i will pay with my card and he said they only accept petrol cards.

At this point i'm already fuming as i'm late for work and i can't deal with incompetence so early in the morning. I had to take a petrol attendant with me to the closest bank 4km away so i could draw money.

Getting back to the service station i stopped and gave the petrol money and as i wanted to drive off a Metro Police Occifer was standing by my window and i asked him if i can help him and his response was "your windows are elegal..."

At this point i look at him with a puzzled face and look around in my car and think to myself...my windows are illegal ? since when ?

I asked him as to why my windows are illegal and he said the tinting i have on them is too dark and he cannot see inside the vehicle...no sh!t...that is the whole point.

At this point i completely switched off and told him that i am late for work and if he wants to write a ticket he should hurry up.

i got off with a warning...and thats why i'm gonna stop driving...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi everyone, gonna do a late post cos i don't have the time.

The weekend was relaxing or atleast friday...

Friday morning i got woken up quite early by the arrival of my girlfriend's Aunt, Grandmother and Cousin. I decided to lay in bed a while longer cos i never get to do it anymore.

I met the family and quickly decided to run away before they grabbed me for a family outing to go shopping which i hate. I started to rebuild the sound in my car and finished around 4 the afternoon with a serious backpain and stinging fingers, 12volts of power actually do hurt.

Saturday during the day we just sat around at home and ate, i mean alot of eating. i'm not used to having so much food but if i gained weight it will be a bonus. Saturday night we went skating but only stayed for about a hour as we were both not in the mood anymore and my back was killing me so we just walked around and had nice long chats regarding some previous issues we had...long story.

Sunday i was rudely awakened by the girlfriend and cousin to come and have breakfast (it makes me sick if i eat in the morning) but i still obliged and had a piece of toast. everyone decided to go window shopping and i needed to go see a friend so myself and my girlfriends mom had a speeding competition on the highway. thank goodness no cops were on the road. i got home the afternoon and started to copy some photos for the relevant visiting family members and i pretty much kept myself occupied until late monday morning. its a good feeling not having to go to work.

Monday went smoothly with more eating, i have never had so much meat in my life, boneless ribs, pork chops and steak. we left home around 4 to take the cousin back to Potchefstroom University, its about a 140km drive and that was not fun.

I hate long distance driving, and the only music in the car was Afrikaans...anything Afrikaans and it was there, not even a little rave or metal or rock... atleast i can watch DVD's in my car so the time goes past faster and i can go over 140km/h a hour...damn old people that can't drive.

Got home around 8:30 monday night, had a long hot shower and got into bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out to get me...

I seriously think the world was out to get me yesterday.

Woke up yesterday morning and just looking out the window put me in a bad mood and everyone was so happy and S%#T.

Got to work and immediatelly started grafting on a massive report and also i'm support a new system we implemented which takes up alot of time.

And to top it off they were cleaning the office floors and i slipped and slammed my arm against a desk. now i have a arm that doesn't respond well to anything and it feels like i'm getting stabbed constantly in my shoulder...good days.

Hopefully tomorrow is declared a public holiday...

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Hi Everyone, posting late this week because yesterday was crazy...

The weekend was fun and mildly relaxing.

Myself and my girlfriend went iceskating as per usual and i think if there was a speedtrap on that ice i would've gotten a fine for speeding...it was amazing but tiring.

Saturday morning and stayed indoors and under a blanket cos the weather just gave me a sick feeling so it was safer to stay inside. pretty much did that the whole day and saturday night we went to a pool party which i'll post photos of later.

My girlfriend had a bit too much to drink so it was interesting since alcohol has not been my friend for a couple of years now since running into some trouble with the police...long story...DRINKING AND DRIVING IS BAD KIDS !!!

Sunday i decided to mess around with my car audio as it making a annoying whining noise which i'm gonna fix on friday...

I love designing and building car audio and the color red so i post some pics when i'm done.

Only a 4 day week so i'm a happy camper and if our president decides one day we'll have a 3 day week...whoo hoo.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A week of pure unhappiness

I'm writing this on the fly so forgive me

The week has been interesting...don't want to talk about it now cos its friday.

Gonna stay at home tonight i hope and just relax. pretty much avoided everyone this week as i have alot on my mind including the dreadful debt of credit cards but atleast my car is running.

My routine the whole week was to get home, make some coffee, kiss my girlfriend and spend a while with her and then retreat to my PC and take out my frustration on some alien race...

Going to a birthday party tomorrow, its a pool party and i don't dig big puddles of water so i'll probably just sit around and watch people enjoy themselves and i'll blog cos my phone has the nifty function...thank you LG.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend....what weekend ?

Friday was a rough day i have to admit...glad it was over. got home and decided to go ice skating with my girlfriend, got nothing else to do anyway and it keeps me fit :)

Saturday morning i took my car in for a service which was supposed to be only 500 bucks and it ended up at 3000 as my complete braking system was shot which i knew about but i thought it won't cause serious hassles...

bought my girlfriend a massive hifi for her birthday and sunday i just took it easy and went clothes shopping. people in malls need to learn how to walk in traffic...dammit i hate that.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My first blog !! Whoo hoo

Hi everyone,

Wow my first blog...amazing

Just thought i would create something like this and so everyone can see my rants...hehehe