Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weekend

I can honestly say this weekend was the best ever i have had in a long time.

Where do i begin and i know i'm going to miss something and there were so many things that happened over the weekend.

Friday night after work myself and a friend was invited to go to my girlfriends house to watch movies. My friend spent the whole day friday there as he was off and he didn't want to sit at home. It did make me a little jealous but i know nothing will happen as it can cause some serious discomfort as we live together.

We watched some movies and we got home around 3 in the morning. I just crashed and burned and i told my girlfriend to get some sleep as she has been going without sleep for nearly a week but she was always cheery no matter what. I have to love that about her.

Saturday morning i was woken up early to go to my friends dad's place to check the timing on my car. We had to meet him at the rugby club and after about 3 drinks we left finally to go to his house to check the timing. I figured out was was wrong and gonna fix it during the week.

Myself and a friend got into the mood for the rugby as my team (sharks) and my girlfriends team (bulls) were playing different teams on the day and we had our shirts and flags and the whole 9 yards. We got my girlfriends house and she was fully kitted out in blue which suited her as she has the most beautiful blue eyes. She also straightened her and and let it hang loose which made her so much more beautiful.

We started dissing each other on friday night and we continued on saturday afternoon. The rugby started earlier than we expected and by the time we noticed that the sharks were ahead by 26 have to love a good team.

I started getting a massive headache later on in the afternoon and decided to go take a nap. I woke up with a 3 year old in the bed with me. kids are so cute when they sleep.

We continued drinking into the night and had some delicious potjie.

After everyone left around 1 in the morning we made a christmas bed infront of the tv and myself and my girlfriend drifted off to sleep. I couldn't really drift off as i slept earlier the afternoon.

Sunday we did our washing and recovered from the weekend. My girlfriend was swimming with friends of hers. I'm not a swimming type of person. Sunday afternoon we just opted to watch movies at my house.

Tomorrow is my girlfriends dad's birthday so i'm going to spend the night there. She told me i shouldn't buy anything for him but maybe i will.

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Bev said...

Was a pretty awesome weekend. Love you!