Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last night was a relaxing evening.

It was my friends birthday yesterday but since everyone was working and waaay too tired last night to do any we just decided to stay home and relax, little did we know that a storm was brewing at my friends parents place and they were bored so they rocked up at our house around 8 or 9 last night to have a birthday drink...Tequila and Sours.

My friends girlfriend even cooked for us, chicken ala King and it was divine. It was our first cooked meal in the new place and a true way to celebrate a milestone.

Bev got upset with me last night because they were supposed to go ice skating and instead stayed home because she wanted to talk to me but i didn't know so i thought she didn't want to talk to me and a couple of SMS's later and we ended up being mad at each other and i still don't know why.

I'm a very grumpy person when i'm tired and i take things way too seriously when it doesn't go my way. Accept it or F-off.

She's coming to my work today so i hope to see her :)

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