Friday, March 28, 2008


Its official... I should stop driving.

Well it all started on tuesday, i was driving to work and I stopped to fill my car up with the most expensive fluid you can find in South Africa. I walked to the ATM and lo and behold it doesn't work. I told the attendant that i will pay with my card and he said they only accept petrol cards.

At this point i'm already fuming as i'm late for work and i can't deal with incompetence so early in the morning. I had to take a petrol attendant with me to the closest bank 4km away so i could draw money.

Getting back to the service station i stopped and gave the petrol money and as i wanted to drive off a Metro Police Occifer was standing by my window and i asked him if i can help him and his response was "your windows are elegal..."

At this point i look at him with a puzzled face and look around in my car and think to windows are illegal ? since when ?

I asked him as to why my windows are illegal and he said the tinting i have on them is too dark and he cannot see inside the sh!t...that is the whole point.

At this point i completely switched off and told him that i am late for work and if he wants to write a ticket he should hurry up.

i got off with a warning...and thats why i'm gonna stop driving...

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