Sunday, September 28, 2008


See ? I always get reminded of things. My memory isn't that good anymore.

I was supposed to meet Bev this friday that past at the Keg but to my dismay she told me that her friend f$%#ed off with her car keys and she was unable to meet me. I was seriously upset but i understood.

I finished my water and Brad finished his beer and we went home. Bev said she heard a car racing past her house and it might've been me as i was clocking nearly 170 down that stretch of road and i also raced a Opel 200is away...stupid kids.

We've been having a ball chatting to each other even though i was a little lost on saturday. i really need to make up my mind but now that i have moved and i can relax i have made my decision. Now its only up to her.

My ex is upset that i have moved but she has to move on...I'm looking out for myself now.

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