Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happiness defined

I'm so happy that i can't explain it.

I finally have that relationship that i want and need. My work is great and i can finally live.

I would've thought spending so much time together with Bev would cause some problems but it hasn't, its FANTASTIC. I can wait to drive home every afternoon to go and see her for even a hour and just hug and kiss and be together. :~)

My one friend has been very sick since tuesday and yesterday he went to the doctor to find out that its mumps and is now under quarantine as i have never had it and i can't take the risk to get it as it can be quite dangerous the older you get.

I'm gonna spend the evening again with Bev and i can't wait as its so nice just sitting around and being together.

Her mom got stung by a bee yesterday morning on her finger and it looks pretty bad. It was attempted last night to remove her rings as they were really hurting her but it couldn't be done without hurting her. Bev told me this morning that her dad took her mom to the hospital as her finger started turning blue.

Its nearly friday and i have the day off tomorrow AND i'm getting paid AAAAND i'm gonna have a wonderful day with the most wonderfullest person in this world.

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Bev said...

haai liefie mis jou sien jou later mwah