Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So messed up !

Ah i messed up, it happened so fast.

I went to my girlfriends house last night to spend some alone time together before her parents came home and we were just making out and relaxing together until her friend came back and then we logged onto mxit to chat a little as the privacy was gone we had a few minutes earlier and she asked me who was that person i had that was new on my phone and i said it was one of my friends that invited me the previous night and we left it there.

We decided to play pool and after a while her one friend rocked up in tears and she just needed someone to talk to. She ended up playing pool against me as i was on a winning streak and my girlfriend was listening to music on my phone which doesn't bug me as i have never had anything to hide.

Later on in the night my girlfriend became really quiet and i asked her what was wrong and she said nothing and i left it but it still bugged me.

After her friend went home i asked her what was wrong again and she said that the person that invited me was not my friend but my ex. I told her i didn't know that but yes, unfortunately she didn't believe me and she told me i should phone her and tell her to F%^# off.

GOD KNOWS why i didn't do it. I love this girl till the end of the earth and i would do anything for her and i couldn't do a simple request.

I screwed up and now i have to live with it.

She came along
Broke the spell
And set me free
Push aside
What use to be
All the broken hearted man that once was me
I never gave it up
I always believe
When shes in my arms i know what i achieve

So hear me lonelyness
Im giving up on you
I dont need you anymore
Ive found what i been lookin for
So hear me emptyness
Ive got no room for you
Ive finally found what ive been dreamin of
Someone to love

Cos i was lost
I was down and out
Untill that day
I knew what my life was all about
Still wonder how
She came my way
Shes the reason im smiling here today

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