Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Hi Everyone, posting late this week because yesterday was crazy...

The weekend was fun and mildly relaxing.

Myself and my girlfriend went iceskating as per usual and i think if there was a speedtrap on that ice i would've gotten a fine for speeding...it was amazing but tiring.

Saturday morning and stayed indoors and under a blanket cos the weather just gave me a sick feeling so it was safer to stay inside. pretty much did that the whole day and saturday night we went to a pool party which i'll post photos of later.

My girlfriend had a bit too much to drink so it was interesting since alcohol has not been my friend for a couple of years now since running into some trouble with the police...long story...DRINKING AND DRIVING IS BAD KIDS !!!

Sunday i decided to mess around with my car audio as it making a annoying whining noise which i'm gonna fix on friday...

I love designing and building car audio and the color red so i post some pics when i'm done.

Only a 4 day week so i'm a happy camper and if our president decides one day we'll have a 3 day week...whoo hoo.

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