Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It being my birthday soon i thought of things that i would really like to have. Since i'm not really big on b-days i would rather get something for my car. Most of the things are pretty expensive but its all worth it and my frontend of my car is hopefully getting fixed next week and i'll post some before and after pictures.

I hope someone reads this...

Reclinable Racing Seats
2 brand new 1200watt Pioneer DVC subwoofers
New DVD player as the one in my car is 3 world country crap knock off.


Last night was a relaxing evening.

It was my friends birthday yesterday but since everyone was working and waaay too tired last night to do any we just decided to stay home and relax, little did we know that a storm was brewing at my friends parents place and they were bored so they rocked up at our house around 8 or 9 last night to have a birthday drink...Tequila and Sours.

My friends girlfriend even cooked for us, chicken ala King and it was divine. It was our first cooked meal in the new place and a true way to celebrate a milestone.

Bev got upset with me last night because they were supposed to go ice skating and instead stayed home because she wanted to talk to me but i didn't know so i thought she didn't want to talk to me and a couple of SMS's later and we ended up being mad at each other and i still don't know why.

I'm a very grumpy person when i'm tired and i take things way too seriously when it doesn't go my way. Accept it or F-off.

She's coming to my work today so i hope to see her :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ins and Outs

Well my day started fantastic.

I had a very good nights sleep last night and i'm not sure if its from the one beer i had or because i finally unpacked the last box. Either way it was fine.

I took me a amazing 20 minutes to get to work instead of the usual hour, I have cut my travel distance in half just by moving so i'm very happy as petrol is slowly killing me.

I spent a huge amount of time talking to Bev last night. I enjoy it so much talking to her and we can constantly make it each laugh and she thinks i'm a true fruitcake, which i am but she just needs to get to know who i really am.

We might be going to Keg again for a students night on Thursday night and then hopefully we will get to meet. I just hopes she likes me for who i am and accepts all my kinks.

Time to do some work...oh wait there is no work....OOOOHHH Hot Chocolate...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


See ? I always get reminded of things. My memory isn't that good anymore.

I was supposed to meet Bev this friday that past at the Keg but to my dismay she told me that her friend f$%#ed off with her car keys and she was unable to meet me. I was seriously upset but i understood.

I finished my water and Brad finished his beer and we went home. Bev said she heard a car racing past her house and it might've been me as i was clocking nearly 170 down that stretch of road and i also raced a Opel 200is away...stupid kids.

We've been having a ball chatting to each other even though i was a little lost on saturday. i really need to make up my mind but now that i have moved and i can relax i have made my decision. Now its only up to her.

My ex is upset that i have moved but she has to move on...I'm looking out for myself now.


Well this weekend was interesting.

I took friday off so that we can arrange the process of moving over the weekend and buy everything we needed for the house.

Friday we went to Makro (a huge bulk warehouse / store in SA) to buy our general groceries and what not for the house, it came to a staggering R1000 which isn't so bad as we got some alcohol aswell for the whole bachelor effect.

Saturday morning myself and Brad went to look for a fridge, my company gave me a shopping voucher so it went to good use. Stuff is getting really expensive nowadays and we found that out on saturday. we go the fridge and after some hefty searching.

I started packing on saturday afternoon for sunday so i wouldn't get lost in all the clutter. I honestly didn't think i have so much crap until we had to fit everything on a bakkie.

We managed to get moved by around 4 in the afternoon and i still have alot of unpacking to do but i had a good night sleep except for the shower that doesn't want to stop dripping but that will get fixed tonight.

Its going to be so much fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Always on a public holiday or weekend...

Well i had a nice "quiet" public holiday.

We had a farewell on tuesday so i was sitting with a beer in my hand at 1 in the afternoon. It was a good way to end the day and go into a public holiday.

I went to bed quite early as i was tired and a little tipsy. I was woken up at around 2:17 on wednesday morning by a drunk romantic and she is right in her blog that i couldn't fight her but i would accept her proposal anytime.

I've known this young dame for 2 years now and about 2 weeks ago i convinced her to send me a photo as i have never seen her before and i'm very impressed even though she doesn't think so but i think all girls have that.

I'm going to a student night tonight with a couple of friends and i'm off tomorrow as we need to pick up a whole lot of furniture for our move.

And something always goes wrong on public holidays or weekends, i woke up this morning and started my car and as i put it in gear the clutch cable broke. 2 hours later i managed to get it fixed. i have a cut on my hand and i was late for work but everything is fine now.

It's amazing what a IT dude can do when he knows how.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Privacy !!!

Why do people always have to be so paranoid and scared ?

I need to make sure that people don't have my password and pins for the various websites i go to. I love my privacy and once its envaded i will kill that person.

My facebook was entered without my permission and personal messages that i have sent people was read and i was attacked about it.

I'm not in a relationship any longer but to break my trust and privacy is a huge thing for me.

If you can't trust me then tell me.

ARGH, atleast i found someone that understands :) happiness will prevail.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shut up...I kill you !!

I had a quiet weekend, it was my purpose to relax.

Friday night i just sat at home and watched tv. Saturday morning i got woken up with a vacuum cleaner in my ear. DAMN i can't wait to live on my own again to get some peace and quiet.

Sunday i took my mom shopping and she's atleast happier now that my brother's girlfriend isn't living close to her anymore.

I also put my old radio back in my car. it defies purpose having 2 screens in your car and the old radio just looks so much neater.

This week needs to fly so i can move.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh the excitement

I found out last night that my new place has been arranged and paid for, I haven't stayed on my own for a while but 2 of my friends are going to live with me so it makes it so much better.

Its gonna be tough for the first couple of months but atleast there are people out there that are helping us with the necessary things to start your own home. I told my ex's mom last night that i might be moving out end of the month she looked really unhappy but i think its more of not having me there anymore than it is about the money.

My friend has never lived on his own so his mom just wants to cry when we chat about it. I'm basically her son as well as i spend alot of time there and its tough because i'm also the oldest...hehehe

I got a email this morning about pictures that if you can recognise them then you are old...I'm so old...19 days and then its a quarter century...holy S%^$

We played volleyball against one of our departments yesterday and lost miserably. They play once a month and i knew it was going to go downhill from the first minute. The ball exploded in the first game already and we then started playing with a rugby ball...really interesting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going down in Flames

Yesterday was crazy, I've been dreading since Sunday to speak to my ex's mom that I'll be moving out and i told myself i had to do it last night.

I had a huge fight before i left the office with my ex because she heard that i wanted to move out and she completely mis communicated it to her mother which caused all kinds of shit.

I was completely hyped up and burning with anger while driving home (traffic doesn't help) and i got home and just sat on my bed and waited... I'm a extremely patient person and i wait for the time to strike.

We managed to sort it out after a lot of yelling, crying and complaining.

Her mom is just worried that i will break all contact with them when i move out but i assured her i won't as I'm not that type of person.

Our department is playing volleyball against our Billing department and its going to be hilarious as our Billing team practice 2 a week and they are pretty good. I think the Orange t-shirts we got is a indicator, might as well make a target on my back.

I'm not playing as I'm not feeling well. will see what happens and get some pics up on.

Oh yeah, i went to go visit my goddaughter last night and she is beautiful. For a 2 week old baby she's already drinking a 125ml of milk at a time which is a lot and she's starting to Google...not the website.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy S$%^

Well how do i start this never ending nightmare ?

The weekend was good, i was working saturday and sunday so it wasn't much of a weekend. My ex went out with a friend so it was possible to have a restful weekend.

Saturday i was at work and afterwords i was supposed to go to my friend's dads place but seeing the amount of the police on the road i was hessitant on going anywhere so i just relaxed at home and caught up on some sleep.

Sunday was a boring day at the office but it went past quickly. I went to my friends place as we are looking for a place to stay and we went out to go look and we found one that we really like. Its a 2 bedroom place with a lounge and big kitchen and garden.

Last night i got the lease agreement and i'm going to sign it now after i've made all the changes as i know what my rights are. Its good to have a lawyer in the family.

I'm so excited to move in on my own again. living you a girlfriend is a rough thing to do especially if you are so young.

Will keep you updated and maybe get some photos, they're still busy building and tiling so i will take photo's when they are done.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving on out

I had a lot of fun last night, myself and a very good friend decided to go out last night for a couple of drinks and to discuss with him about moving into a place together so he can get out of his parents house and i can move away from my ex.

We decided to go to the Keg as it is students nights and upon arriving there i just kept on bumping into old school friends and my one ex girlfriend which i dated nearly 6 or 7 years ago. She's still gorgeous and upon seeing her i could sense those sparks again.

Anyway...we were sitting around and talking and the "bf" decided to pass out in her car so myself and her decided to just relax and chat about the good old days and then it just happened...we kissed. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT that was amazing !!! There is no way in this world i can describe what went through me when it happened.

The last couple of weeks have been really rough on me emotionally and going out was the best thing i have done in a long time. OK OK i have a massive hangover today and i'm tempermental and sensitive but i had loads of fun.

Going house hunting tomorrow after work so hold thumbs.

"moving on out"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Made to fit

I noticed someone really odd yesterday, strange but odd.

I was driving to my mom's place and there was a street vendor selling sunglasses and since my precious BBB sunglasses were stolen that i got as a present for finishing the 94.7 in 2006 i was in serious need for sunglasses.

The guy showed me a set of F-akeleys and i told him that there were too big and since we were on a "traffic light" time line i didn't have much of a choice. I took the glasses and when i put them on i actually looked cool.

It's amazing how things just mould to a persons body like its meant to be there.

I seen that as well with my piercings (all 5 of them) and my tattoo.

Guess I'm just gifted.

Woman = Crazy

Well today is not going so good either, same problems...

Woman are gonna drive me crazy. its a equal fight between my mom and my girlfriend.

My mom is bitching and moaning because of my brother and that she can't watch DSTV and my girlfriend is upset because I'm chatting to a girl she doesn't like. I'm not winning either battle.

I'm a normal person that enjoys talking to people and my girls in general but my girlfriend is the possessive type and she's paranoid about everything.

I don't know what to say anymore and its crazy at work. I will do a post later on again when my thoughts are gathered.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another day.

Well yesterday was a day straight out of Hell to be perfectly honest.

Our system were causing serious havoc and the worst is that the pro's that look after them didn't know what was causing the problems. They managed to sort everything out though before i left.

I had one helluva fight with my girlfriend yesterday because of another girl that she doesn't like because of a one night stand, yes its stupid but i do understand why she would freak out. I got mad and told her to f$%# off if she's not happy. BIG MISTAKE.

I got home last night and she was lying on the floor in her bedroom and a whole pharmacy around her. I don't think she drank too many of the pills and they're most harmless. I made sure she could wake up and made her throw up and the usual.

I'm a expert when it comes to suicides as i have lost nearly 5 friends to it and i have saved 2.

If you want attention, ask for it. Don't try and kill yourself because that is a waste of time and you will ultimately be judged for it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


WOW i haven't done a post in a loooong time. Think i should start again as talking about things helps to deal with it.

Well my weekend was OK, my mom moved last weekend into her own place because it was getting a bit much for living with my brother's girlfriend as she's a useless person.
I went there on Saturday to buy her some things as her she wrote her car off nearly a year and a half ago, its now true that cigarettes can kill you as she was trying to light one when she went off the road...

I also went shopping for my god daughter that was born a week ago. she's so small so it was tough getting something but i thought what the hell because she can grow into it. I didn't take any photos because i bought everything and immediately took everything through as time has become a real issue for me.

Sunday i took it easy and just stayed at home and attempted to redo my car dash with Carbon Fibre but it came out really bad so I'm scrapping that idea.

Let me attempt to keep the blogging going...