Monday, December 15, 2008

no comment

Its monday again, 3 more working days then i'm leave now.

Sound excited don't i ? not sure why i'm not because i haven't taken leave in december in nearly 4 years and i need the break.

The weekend was quiet, only real interesting thing that happened is that we had a braai on saturday and my friends family came through and we took it easy.

Sunday i couldn't stand sitting at home any longer and decided to go walk around. i decided that since i was there i might as well go say hi to my ex because i still am a human being even though i sound relentless.

She didn't seem really bugged that i came to say hi so i wasn't there for long and i went home.

I don't want to be alone this holiday. it seems that i can't find someone just for the december to spend with. i don't want to go to my freaking family on christmas because they're a bunch of snobs and i will eventually just piss them all off and get into my car and leave AGAIN.

I did however figure out something this weekend walking through the mall. its amazing how many people will look at you when you aren't "looking" I picked up small and subtle hints about everyone i bumped into this weekend and i like it but i'm not sure if i'm correct about the hints but we will see.

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