Monday, October 20, 2008

A day from Hell

Sunday was not one of the best days i've had in my life.

Driving home my clutch cable on my car broke AGAIN, i managed to get home without a clutch but all the car part places were closed so i had to wait till yesterday to get a new cable.

My girlfriend didn't have to go to work so she said she would take me to get a new cable. She took me home and i started to work on my car and do a backup on her laptop as the machine is really slow and she wants it to be redone.

After 45mins and being dirty as hell i managed to get the cable installed.

i'm still struggling with the laptop though but it won't get me down.

I went to her after fixing my car as neither me or her can get enough of each other and since we are both sick it helps to be together.

My ex was smsing me to say there was post for me and i just ignored it. Bev saw the message and i could immediately see it made her upset and she asked me why don't i sms her and say i'm at my new girlfriends house and i said i don't want to communicate with her. Her aunt came through to see her new bedroom because its really stunning, will try and get a pic and upload it sometime. I smsed my ex and told her to leave me alone when she went upstairs.

i hate being on my phone when i'm with someone i care about as i want to give my full attention to that person.

Later on after i left i got a message from bev saying we should only be friends because my ex is not over me and she will not go through it again.

I'm not gonna go on with the whole story as i don't have the time to type everything out. We did manage to sort everything out and i'm happy because of it.

I would rip my own heart out if i would have to lose her. i love her, she listens and speaks to me in ways i could never explain.

I love you with everything i am my Angel. Love you forever and always.

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