Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreams and Stupid shoes

Last night was a fun night, i learnt that i'm getting old and unfit as hell !

Sunday night we optly decided to go ice skating and yesterday afternoon Bev wanted to chicken out but we wouldn't have it.

We got to the mall and went for a drink first, i was also actually quite nervous to get on the ice again as i haven't done it in months.

Gathering all our might we went to the rink and i got on the ice expecting a bail as my skates are pretty blunt. Amazingly it came back in perfect form.

Bev wasn't so keen on skating which i don't understand as she's a pretty good skater except for the stopping part but we will fix it.

I did some quick runs and noticed that someone was busy ripping my right lung out of my chest. It was a burning sensation from the cold air being breathed in at high speed and it hurt like hell.

I decided to stop skating and i walked with Bev to get her shoes back as she has hired skates on. I had given her a pair of sneakers that my ex threw back in my face and she said that she would wear them everytime we come skating as she won't mind them being stolen.

Ok, i might've reacted wrong by saying those shoes Had memories instead of saying they cost me alot of money and i wouldn't like them being stolen.

She was or still is upset with me because i know it hurts and her ex has also made contact with her again and its really pissing her off.

I'm to a point too scared to say anything, i don't want to lose her for anything and i would kill the motherf%^$er that tries to take her from me.

The dream i don't want to talk about, it scared me.

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