Sunday, November 9, 2008

a Weekend to remember

This weekend was amazing !!!

I have never enjoyed myself so much in a long time and we really didn't do much.

From fighting with each other regarding a past life to being so attached to each other with invisible handcuffs.

Friday night i went through to Bev and just spent a relaxing evening there as my friend was spending the night at a friend / girlfriends house and I went through to my girlfriend.

Just being together and sitting and chatting and watching tv and just in general having fun. She is still trying to kick my ass playing pool and my Angel, i love you alot but its not gonna happen...

I think in the first time in my life i have made a really good impression on someone and it makes me feel really good about myself. Her parents like me alot and she loves me more than i could've ever imagined.

This is truly my soulmate.

Saturday during the day i had to attend a tenants meeting which lasted a whole 20 min and then afterwards i went through to my mom to take her a couple of things to eat and smoke and bla bla bla. I quickly rushed back as i was counting down the minutes i would be without bev and when i got there she reminded me that we were gonna go to Emperors palace to take her gran gambling and we could go play games. Yes I know, a 25 and 23 year old playing games but its a lot more fun.

I enjoyed the day in general except for one girl annoying bev and my friend that can't make his mind up. I really need to buy myself Time Crisis 4...Angel ?

Saturday morning Bev's parents went away to go camping and asked me if i would stay over and in a heartbeat i said yes. saturday night we just relaxed, had a couple of drinks and played pool. I think i should never go to a public place again if i've been drinking. sliding around on tiles at McD's is weird but what the hell, i'm still young.

We crashed into bed around 11 or 12 or something, i seem to lose track of time completely when i'm with her. it has to last forever.

Woke up sunday morning surrounded by dogs and my Angel next to me. show me one thing that can be more perfect. we laid in bed for a while and then got up as my friend was there and he complained of back ache. i solemly took him to the doctor and they gave him a voltaren and panamor injection which is funny...for me atleast. Thank you my Love, i owe you.

Afterwards picking up all our things we headed home just to make sure we still had a house and then i took brad to his mom to paroxide his hair, it looks good now. just need to keep the style he has.

Last night we just went out for coffee and i have never seen a person laugh so much out of other people's pain except for me earlier the day.

Tonight we are going ice skating, a little nervous because i haven't skated in 3 months and my skates are blunt.

If you don''t hear anything from me tomorrow i have been killed in a horrific blunt instrument death.

This is my last will and testament....


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Bev said...

I will make sure you dont die on the ice....hahahahahah. Blind leading the blind hey. Love you too. What is time war 4?