Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm praying for the weekend today, i'm so tired but i do have a excuse.

After work i got home and I was supposed to go to my ex to get the rest of my stuff but she smsed me and said i shouldn't come. I then went to my mom to take her a couple of things and get some things aswell for our house like tupperware and tins and stuff.

You can clearly see my mom has no one to talk because as soon as we got there she started talking and about 40 minutes later i had to stop her so we could go home. My mom is a very sweet lady and i love her to bits but geez she can talk.

I only fell asleep around 12 last night and i forget to set my alarms. I woke up quarter past 6 this morning which isn't so bad but i give 2 other friends lifts so it gets tight if we are late.

I'm seriously missing Bev. I haven't had a connection like this with anyone in a long time and its a refreshing feeling.

Brad is going away tonight and tomorrow to his dad so its only going to be me and Viv. We have to invite the neighbours over for some coffee.

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Bev said...

Who are the neighbours?