Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh the excitement

I found out last night that my new place has been arranged and paid for, I haven't stayed on my own for a while but 2 of my friends are going to live with me so it makes it so much better.

Its gonna be tough for the first couple of months but atleast there are people out there that are helping us with the necessary things to start your own home. I told my ex's mom last night that i might be moving out end of the month she looked really unhappy but i think its more of not having me there anymore than it is about the money.

My friend has never lived on his own so his mom just wants to cry when we chat about it. I'm basically her son as well as i spend alot of time there and its tough because i'm also the oldest...hehehe

I got a email this morning about pictures that if you can recognise them then you are old...I'm so old...19 days and then its a quarter century...holy S%^$

We played volleyball against one of our departments yesterday and lost miserably. They play once a month and i knew it was going to go downhill from the first minute. The ball exploded in the first game already and we then started playing with a rugby ball...really interesting.

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acidicice said...

It IS really excited. Sorry about your girlfriend man, but it doesn't sound like you're too upset about it. You've got to start giving this girls nick names so we can keep up with which one you're talking about!