Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy S$%^

Well how do i start this never ending nightmare ?

The weekend was good, i was working saturday and sunday so it wasn't much of a weekend. My ex went out with a friend so it was possible to have a restful weekend.

Saturday i was at work and afterwords i was supposed to go to my friend's dads place but seeing the amount of the police on the road i was hessitant on going anywhere so i just relaxed at home and caught up on some sleep.

Sunday was a boring day at the office but it went past quickly. I went to my friends place as we are looking for a place to stay and we went out to go look and we found one that we really like. Its a 2 bedroom place with a lounge and big kitchen and garden.

Last night i got the lease agreement and i'm going to sign it now after i've made all the changes as i know what my rights are. Its good to have a lawyer in the family.

I'm so excited to move in on my own again. living you a girlfriend is a rough thing to do especially if you are so young.

Will keep you updated and maybe get some photos, they're still busy building and tiling so i will take photo's when they are done.


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