Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi everyone, gonna do a late post cos i don't have the time.

The weekend was relaxing or atleast friday...

Friday morning i got woken up quite early by the arrival of my girlfriend's Aunt, Grandmother and Cousin. I decided to lay in bed a while longer cos i never get to do it anymore.

I met the family and quickly decided to run away before they grabbed me for a family outing to go shopping which i hate. I started to rebuild the sound in my car and finished around 4 the afternoon with a serious backpain and stinging fingers, 12volts of power actually do hurt.

Saturday during the day we just sat around at home and ate, i mean alot of eating. i'm not used to having so much food but if i gained weight it will be a bonus. Saturday night we went skating but only stayed for about a hour as we were both not in the mood anymore and my back was killing me so we just walked around and had nice long chats regarding some previous issues we had...long story.

Sunday i was rudely awakened by the girlfriend and cousin to come and have breakfast (it makes me sick if i eat in the morning) but i still obliged and had a piece of toast. everyone decided to go window shopping and i needed to go see a friend so myself and my girlfriends mom had a speeding competition on the highway. thank goodness no cops were on the road. i got home the afternoon and started to copy some photos for the relevant visiting family members and i pretty much kept myself occupied until late monday morning. its a good feeling not having to go to work.

Monday went smoothly with more eating, i have never had so much meat in my life, boneless ribs, pork chops and steak. we left home around 4 to take the cousin back to Potchefstroom University, its about a 140km drive and that was not fun.

I hate long distance driving, and the only music in the car was Afrikaans...anything Afrikaans and it was there, not even a little rave or metal or rock... atleast i can watch DVD's in my car so the time goes past faster and i can go over 140km/h a hour...damn old people that can't drive.

Got home around 8:30 monday night, had a long hot shower and got into bed.

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