Thursday, October 9, 2008


I haven't been this calm in a long time. Normally i'm super stressed and tense and its not because its friday or anything.

I had a nice day at work, my Head of was not in and my supervisor was only in the office till about 12 and then left for holiday.

I was super chuffed yesterday because i went and bought my b-day present. I was like a little kid with wide eyes staring at a huge array of car audio that would make any car fantatic have a orgasm.

I already knew what i wanted because i have researched this so deeply that i even know how the voice coil is made on the speaker. I bought them and now they are in my bedroom just aching to be installed but i'm gonna wait because i want to take my sweet time :~)

I went to my ex's house yesterday because she got upset about something again and she told me to come and pick all my things up. I went there and my stuff was standing on their porch and to make a long story short I got upset and put everything in my car and just drove away.

I think that is the closure i needed. It hurts but hey, its better for me and my life.

i had a fun night again at Bev's house. Her friend Meg came over and we just had a relaxed and had a couple of drinks. I think their might be some sparks between my friend Brad and Meg, will see how it progresses, we are going there tonight for movies.

I woke up this morning and 2 of my friends were sitting in the lounge talking crap. they haven't slept and the place looks like a bomb hit it. Brad was still sleeping as he has off today.

Well i need to start working. get this day over with and have a good weekend.

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