Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well this weekend was interesting.

I took friday off so that we can arrange the process of moving over the weekend and buy everything we needed for the house.

Friday we went to Makro (a huge bulk warehouse / store in SA) to buy our general groceries and what not for the house, it came to a staggering R1000 which isn't so bad as we got some alcohol aswell for the whole bachelor effect.

Saturday morning myself and Brad went to look for a fridge, my company gave me a shopping voucher so it went to good use. Stuff is getting really expensive nowadays and we found that out on saturday. we go the fridge and after some hefty searching.

I started packing on saturday afternoon for sunday so i wouldn't get lost in all the clutter. I honestly didn't think i have so much crap until we had to fit everything on a bakkie.

We managed to get moved by around 4 in the afternoon and i still have alot of unpacking to do but i had a good night sleep except for the shower that doesn't want to stop dripping but that will get fixed tonight.

Its going to be so much fun.

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