Monday, September 8, 2008

Another day.

Well yesterday was a day straight out of Hell to be perfectly honest.

Our system were causing serious havoc and the worst is that the pro's that look after them didn't know what was causing the problems. They managed to sort everything out though before i left.

I had one helluva fight with my girlfriend yesterday because of another girl that she doesn't like because of a one night stand, yes its stupid but i do understand why she would freak out. I got mad and told her to f$%# off if she's not happy. BIG MISTAKE.

I got home last night and she was lying on the floor in her bedroom and a whole pharmacy around her. I don't think she drank too many of the pills and they're most harmless. I made sure she could wake up and made her throw up and the usual.

I'm a expert when it comes to suicides as i have lost nearly 5 friends to it and i have saved 2.

If you want attention, ask for it. Don't try and kill yourself because that is a waste of time and you will ultimately be judged for it.

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