Sunday, September 7, 2008


WOW i haven't done a post in a loooong time. Think i should start again as talking about things helps to deal with it.

Well my weekend was OK, my mom moved last weekend into her own place because it was getting a bit much for living with my brother's girlfriend as she's a useless person.
I went there on Saturday to buy her some things as her she wrote her car off nearly a year and a half ago, its now true that cigarettes can kill you as she was trying to light one when she went off the road...

I also went shopping for my god daughter that was born a week ago. she's so small so it was tough getting something but i thought what the hell because she can grow into it. I didn't take any photos because i bought everything and immediately took everything through as time has become a real issue for me.

Sunday i took it easy and just stayed at home and attempted to redo my car dash with Carbon Fibre but it came out really bad so I'm scrapping that idea.

Let me attempt to keep the blogging going...

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