Friday, March 28, 2008


Its official... I should stop driving.

Well it all started on tuesday, i was driving to work and I stopped to fill my car up with the most expensive fluid you can find in South Africa. I walked to the ATM and lo and behold it doesn't work. I told the attendant that i will pay with my card and he said they only accept petrol cards.

At this point i'm already fuming as i'm late for work and i can't deal with incompetence so early in the morning. I had to take a petrol attendant with me to the closest bank 4km away so i could draw money.

Getting back to the service station i stopped and gave the petrol money and as i wanted to drive off a Metro Police Occifer was standing by my window and i asked him if i can help him and his response was "your windows are elegal..."

At this point i look at him with a puzzled face and look around in my car and think to windows are illegal ? since when ?

I asked him as to why my windows are illegal and he said the tinting i have on them is too dark and he cannot see inside the sh!t...that is the whole point.

At this point i completely switched off and told him that i am late for work and if he wants to write a ticket he should hurry up.

i got off with a warning...and thats why i'm gonna stop driving...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi everyone, gonna do a late post cos i don't have the time.

The weekend was relaxing or atleast friday...

Friday morning i got woken up quite early by the arrival of my girlfriend's Aunt, Grandmother and Cousin. I decided to lay in bed a while longer cos i never get to do it anymore.

I met the family and quickly decided to run away before they grabbed me for a family outing to go shopping which i hate. I started to rebuild the sound in my car and finished around 4 the afternoon with a serious backpain and stinging fingers, 12volts of power actually do hurt.

Saturday during the day we just sat around at home and ate, i mean alot of eating. i'm not used to having so much food but if i gained weight it will be a bonus. Saturday night we went skating but only stayed for about a hour as we were both not in the mood anymore and my back was killing me so we just walked around and had nice long chats regarding some previous issues we had...long story.

Sunday i was rudely awakened by the girlfriend and cousin to come and have breakfast (it makes me sick if i eat in the morning) but i still obliged and had a piece of toast. everyone decided to go window shopping and i needed to go see a friend so myself and my girlfriends mom had a speeding competition on the highway. thank goodness no cops were on the road. i got home the afternoon and started to copy some photos for the relevant visiting family members and i pretty much kept myself occupied until late monday morning. its a good feeling not having to go to work.

Monday went smoothly with more eating, i have never had so much meat in my life, boneless ribs, pork chops and steak. we left home around 4 to take the cousin back to Potchefstroom University, its about a 140km drive and that was not fun.

I hate long distance driving, and the only music in the car was Afrikaans...anything Afrikaans and it was there, not even a little rave or metal or rock... atleast i can watch DVD's in my car so the time goes past faster and i can go over 140km/h a hour...damn old people that can't drive.

Got home around 8:30 monday night, had a long hot shower and got into bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out to get me...

I seriously think the world was out to get me yesterday.

Woke up yesterday morning and just looking out the window put me in a bad mood and everyone was so happy and S%#T.

Got to work and immediatelly started grafting on a massive report and also i'm support a new system we implemented which takes up alot of time.

And to top it off they were cleaning the office floors and i slipped and slammed my arm against a desk. now i have a arm that doesn't respond well to anything and it feels like i'm getting stabbed constantly in my shoulder...good days.

Hopefully tomorrow is declared a public holiday...

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Hi Everyone, posting late this week because yesterday was crazy...

The weekend was fun and mildly relaxing.

Myself and my girlfriend went iceskating as per usual and i think if there was a speedtrap on that ice i would've gotten a fine for was amazing but tiring.

Saturday morning and stayed indoors and under a blanket cos the weather just gave me a sick feeling so it was safer to stay inside. pretty much did that the whole day and saturday night we went to a pool party which i'll post photos of later.

My girlfriend had a bit too much to drink so it was interesting since alcohol has not been my friend for a couple of years now since running into some trouble with the police...long story...DRINKING AND DRIVING IS BAD KIDS !!!

Sunday i decided to mess around with my car audio as it making a annoying whining noise which i'm gonna fix on friday...

I love designing and building car audio and the color red so i post some pics when i'm done.

Only a 4 day week so i'm a happy camper and if our president decides one day we'll have a 3 day week...whoo hoo.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A week of pure unhappiness

I'm writing this on the fly so forgive me

The week has been interesting...don't want to talk about it now cos its friday.

Gonna stay at home tonight i hope and just relax. pretty much avoided everyone this week as i have alot on my mind including the dreadful debt of credit cards but atleast my car is running.

My routine the whole week was to get home, make some coffee, kiss my girlfriend and spend a while with her and then retreat to my PC and take out my frustration on some alien race...

Going to a birthday party tomorrow, its a pool party and i don't dig big puddles of water so i'll probably just sit around and watch people enjoy themselves and i'll blog cos my phone has the nifty function...thank you LG.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend....what weekend ?

Friday was a rough day i have to admit...glad it was over. got home and decided to go ice skating with my girlfriend, got nothing else to do anyway and it keeps me fit :)

Saturday morning i took my car in for a service which was supposed to be only 500 bucks and it ended up at 3000 as my complete braking system was shot which i knew about but i thought it won't cause serious hassles...

bought my girlfriend a massive hifi for her birthday and sunday i just took it easy and went clothes shopping. people in malls need to learn how to walk in traffic...dammit i hate that.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My first blog !! Whoo hoo

Hi everyone,

Wow my first blog...amazing

Just thought i would create something like this and so everyone can see my rants...hehehe