Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing !!!

What a fantastic weekend, probably one of the best I've ever had.

I took friday off so that i could spend some extra "us" time with my girlfriend and we went out to a shopping mall to go do her work she still needed to do a then went for breakfast, afterwards we went back to her house and just relaxed.

Saturday morning i was up quite early as me and a friend wanted to go to the fleamarket to go buy various things and take a look around and we walked out with nothing. Saturday afternoon we were invited to a cocktail party which was kinda disappointing as the rugby final was on with the Sharks and the Bulls.

The party was kinda boring and as the bus arrived for the matric farewellees its starting raining hard and i knew it wasn't going to stop anytime soon, afterwards myself and my friends family went to a pub to have a drink and finish watching the game. After a lot of screaming the Sharks won the game 12-7 and it already put me in a good mood but i also knew i needed to face my girlfriend as she is a avid BB supporter.

I took my friends family home and then went through to my girlfriends place as she was at a wedding and she'd left early. We just relaxed at her house and i went home to a empty house as my friends were all out.

Sunday morning i was woken up around 12 because i only fell asleep for some odd reason at 7 in the morning. i went through to my girlfriends house to pick her up as i was going to drive my mom around to do all her normal shopping.

My girlfriend was kinda nervous to meet my mom but i knew that it was meant to be that my mom would like her and i was smack bang on target. My mom even said she likes her and what shocked me the most was that my mom hugged and kissed her goodbye. She has never done that in my 25 years of being alive and dating and i was seriously impressed.

I have met the woman of my dreams and i know it and i will always keep it that way.

Mwah I love you Angel.

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