Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going down in Flames

Yesterday was crazy, I've been dreading since Sunday to speak to my ex's mom that I'll be moving out and i told myself i had to do it last night.

I had a huge fight before i left the office with my ex because she heard that i wanted to move out and she completely mis communicated it to her mother which caused all kinds of shit.

I was completely hyped up and burning with anger while driving home (traffic doesn't help) and i got home and just sat on my bed and waited... I'm a extremely patient person and i wait for the time to strike.

We managed to sort it out after a lot of yelling, crying and complaining.

Her mom is just worried that i will break all contact with them when i move out but i assured her i won't as I'm not that type of person.

Our department is playing volleyball against our Billing department and its going to be hilarious as our Billing team practice 2 a week and they are pretty good. I think the Orange t-shirts we got is a indicator, might as well make a target on my back.

I'm not playing as I'm not feeling well. will see what happens and get some pics up on.

Oh yeah, i went to go visit my goddaughter last night and she is beautiful. For a 2 week old baby she's already drinking a 125ml of milk at a time which is a lot and she's starting to Google...not the website.

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