Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weekend

Holy crap what a weekend, it seems to last forever but i know why that is because i didn't sleep so much.

Friday night was quiet, myself and a friend stayed at home and decided to see who can cause the most damage to a car on PS2. we had a couple of drinks and just took it easy.

Saturday morning i had to get up early as i needed to take my mom shopping. We did the shopping and myself and brad went back home. He was putting portraits up at my mom's place as you can't hit a nail into the wall without taking out the entire wall.

Saturday night was going to be a relaxing night at home until i was asked to go to the Keg to meet Beverly for the first time. As we were getting finished she told me that they won't be going and i was quite disappointed but i understood. Later on around 10 i got a phone call to say that they were going to the Keg. I was a bit pissed off because i hate it when people change arrangements and then everyone must fall in.

We had a bit of a argument as to if she wanted me to come or not. Myself and brad eventually decided to go through.

We got to the Keg and walked in to get a drink and decided to go out to look for a seat but they were having a private function and half of the place was closed off. I walked past 2 girls sitting there and i immediately knew it was beverly by the dress she was wearing and when i looked back her friend smiled at me.

I notice everything in my surroundings and i pick up the most subtle things.

We sat down and listened to some dude on a guitar that killed songs slowly. Bev and her friend walked right past us and i just smiled. Its so cute when people are shy. We sat outside for quite some time and i kept on smsing Bev and eventually she told me to join then as i asked repeatedly if we should go and sit there and myself and Brad just got annoyed and i walked into the Keg, sat down right next to her and just smiled.

It was a fun night, Bev was a bit drunk and her friend had left with guitar boy and i was already on my way home and i can't drive 2 cars. i really feel shit about it but i was upset about something that only 4 people that were there no about and its not for public interest.

We sat at home and i only went to bed at around 3 in the morning.

Sunday we got woken up early as we had to go do our washing. we went through and started the washing and sat outside for a while and we wanted to go for a pub lunch but the pub was closed then we opted to make lunch at mom's home then we wouldn't have to cook dinner at our house.

I couldn't get up this morning. my body is tired but relaxed and i can breathe again. I have met Bev and its finally something i'm looking forward to.


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Bev said...

hehehehe a bit drunk? mwah. guess what? i love u!!!! hehehehehe