Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Itchy as hell !

Today is a little tough for me.

Let me update...

Saturday i went for my tattoo. 2 hours of sitting in a chair was well worth it but i forgot what it felt like afterwards. This tattoo is a little bit bigger than the one on my shoulder and i will upload a pic.

I'm itchy and irritated and i can't scratch and its annoying me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well yesterday i had a revelation to stop smoking... things in my life have become so crazy and i am at a loss to know what to do.

i told myself i will stop smoking and i had my last smoke at 18:15 last night while making dinner. I managed fine until around 8 it started feeling someone was gonna rip out the bottom of my lungs

THE PAIN WAS UNBEARABLE but i still did not smoke. i was proud of myself and fell asleep early.

I woke up around 3 and couldn't sleep again. i still didn't smoke and when i left home the moment of weakness hit me and i went to buy smokes.

i've managed good so far and i've only had 4 smokes.

I have no willpower.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The weekend

The weekend was fun i have to admit, went through all the motions.

Friday night :

I got to my friends mom's house and he was there with the girlfriend and the baby and since he had to work the saturday he spent the night there. i wasn't really in the mood to do anything and he suggested i phone one of our friends and find out what he was up to.
He told me he had a braai happening and asked me if i would join and i said i would. Went to the bottle store and got some booze and meat and went through.

i think i had one drink and my "little sis" phoned me and asked if i would pick her and her friends up at Emperors and take them through to the friends house. i promptly went through, pick them up and dropped them off and drove back to my friends house. I had to jump the freaking wall cos no one was hearing me and my cell was flat.

We sat the whole night outside under the lapa and got pissed and just chatted. a band who we are good friends with were there aswell so we mostly spent the night talking about music. IT WAS GREAT FUN.

Saturday :

Saturday morning i got a early phone call as i promised to go out with my Xfiance to get her tattoo and since i didn't see her yesterday i went through (i was still pissed but the coffee helped)

I stayed with her for the whole tattoo and it looks brilliant, will upload a photo. We chatted for a little then i went through to my mom.

I got to my mom and i noticed her small poodle was just laying there and the dog usually couldn't wait to say hi to me. my mom said she is very sick and i took her to the shops and came back. we sat and talked for a few hours and i started feeling the hangover effects and went home, crashed on the couch and watched movies.

Sunday :

I woke up sunday morning and laid there and i had to pry myself off the couch and go through to my brother...will never ask him for directions again.

We had a nice lunch and i went home. My girlfriend came to visit me for a short while cos her parents haven't really seen her this weekend and it was nice. that is a story for another time.

Monday :

My mom phoned me this morning and Sheva, her small poodle died this morning. It is a sad day for me.