Sunday, November 2, 2008

Updates !

This is going to be a long post.

Thursday my girlfriend suggested we go out and drink some coffee or just relax away from our homes. We decided that we would just go to Greenstone and have a meal together and my friend and his friend came with. The evening was relaxing and we had fun chatting.

My friend is currently seeing a girl he met through one of his customers but she's currently 6 months pregnant. My girlfriend isn't very happy with it and neither am i but its very difficult to tell him as he's head over heels but people need to bump their heads every now and again.

Friday night we went to my girlfriends house for some relaxation and just be together. i enjoy sitting around with her alot more than going out and doing other things.

Saturday morning i woke up early as everyone went to work and i fell asleep again...

I went to the flea market to find a converter for my PC and then afterwards i went home and cleaned the place up as my girlfriend was sleeping over and my friend's friend was also coming over. The night was good, all of us just sat and chatted in the dark and my girlfriend had a bottle of wine which was cleaned out without making any dishes... :-) I have no idea what time we went to sleep but it must've been really late as i woke up and i apparently told my girlfriend to leave me alone and go home which i can't remember.

I was upset when i heard this and then i still needed to go to my mother. After bribing a stupid cop for pulling me off for no reason i got to my mom and we chatted a little bit and i told her what happened in the morning and ofcourse she sided with my gf and told me to stop my crap and fix the problem.

Afterwards i went to my girlfriends place and just relaxed and chatted and played some pool as her mom cleaned out the poolroom, i think my gf is still convinced i let her win...

She was tired so i left quite early as i also needed to go to my friends house because they asked me earlier and i still needed to take his friend home. We just sat around and talked about my one friend that sent me a message yesterday saying that he's moving out.

It didn't come as a shock but now i need to tighten up my belt even more. A salary doesn't stretch very far no matter how much you earn.

I will survive because i have always.

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