Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here i am on a saturday...sitting at work.

I'm still a little stuffy but alot better than what i was yesterday, just goes to show that kissing helps but now i think i gave my flu to Bev again and that would not make me very happy.

We relaxed last night alone as her parents went out to friends and all my friends were out with family. All we did was watch movies, sat with each other and kissed. I think last night was the most relaxed i've been in a long time even though i'm on standby she doesn't mind.

She takes interest in my work and i love that because my work is very important to me and she kinda tried to force me to do work but i was really not in the mood.

I'm gonna finish work at 1 and then go home. i have to refill gas bottles for my mom and take them through to her because, once again, my brother is useless. Bev has also made herself broke by buying things for her bedroom and i actually can't wait to see it. She has great taste in anything and i know it will look beautiful.

I pray that this flu goes away. i'm gonna cook myself in my car today as its like 30degrees outside so maybe this flu will give up after a heatwave.

Someone has breathed life into me again and she is my Angel for who I love with all the soft touches of my heart.

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