Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Was yesterday a weird day.

Myself and my girlfriend were talking about handheld consoles and that we both really want to have either a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP.

She said that she's gonna go buy herself one and i say then i am aswell so we can play games together and the like.

Yesterday i decided to go to a mall and just have a look at what i can get and since i'm a very good paying customer from CNA they had one DS left and only one game and it didn't work out so expensive.

She naturally hated me for getting it as she wants toys aswell. I love her so much.

I went there last night and she tried to ignore me and i could see she was upset but atleast i'm willing to share anything with her even though its not the same.

I love you my angel and you can always play with my toys.

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Bev said...

I was just pulling your leg. There is no way I could ever hate my lil fruitcake. Love you way too much. See ya later. Love you. Mwah Mwah