Friday, February 27, 2009

Dammit !!!!

I'm fuming today for one simple reason.

Someone showed me something and i was really keen on getting them.

This person turns around and takes them without thinking how badly i want these things.

Dammit, i hate this but they are now stuck without a lift.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Relationships and Cleaning...

Hehehe i was a real boy yesterday as in lunchtime i decided to go buy new dash dials for my car. My temperature and fuel gauges don't work so well so i thought it better to go buy new ones and fit them. Yes i broke them if you are asking.

I'm working this weekend and its gonna be crazy as everyone wants me to see them this includes Badgirl and Confused (a girl i met) The problem is i wanna see Badgirl alot as she was in tears last night as her relationship basically ended and i also wanna see Confused as we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks. Gonna see how i can arrange it :)

Last night getting home my roomie wasn't there and i walked into the kitchen and the place was a f-ing mess from sunday. i started cleaning and now it super clean and i'm not normally a cleaning person. I started playing games and my friend got home a little intoxicated and we just watched a movie, got some dinner and went to bed.

Just got a new Tshirt from work...Vodacom Foundation day.

Gonna see tonight if i'm up for a drink at the Keg as its students night and i haven't seen my friends in a while...mmmm.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sooo Tired

Yesterday all i wanted to do was sleep, i told myself i was going to home and be in bed by 9.

After work my friend phoned me and said he's going through to his mom and i met him there. we had dinner and then we went home. I took a shower and was asleep at 9...:)

My ex fiance - bad girl now, sent me a letter yesterday she wrote to me and i nearly cried. This girl means the world to me and if i ever have to take a bullet it would be for her. I'm gonna write her a letter back and she's also going through some relationship issues and i will be there for her. NO MATTER WHAT.

Da weekend

The weekend was not one of the best in the world.

Friday night i was supposed to go out with a dear friend (ex fiance) as we now have a routine of skating together. Our friendship is a secret as her parents will always deny anything between us but i'm happy where i am with "us" We have become super close and still share our special bond which is scary yet makes me happy because thats what i want.

Sooo friday night i hooked my laptop up to my TV and watched the first 2 seasons of Dirty Sexy Money and i enjoyed it, went later on and got myself some Pizza and went back home. Typical loner night....

Saturday morning I woke up to clean the entire house as my roomies brother was having his Bday party there. i was alone till about 12 when everyone started pitching up and then the drinking started. i Told my self i won't drink too much and i ended up having my drink mixed the whole f-ing night and now there will be photo's on FB...Hell.

I had a bit too much to drink and invited goddaughter's dad around to join us as he has been going through a tough time and he said he's waiting for the mom to arrive as he kicked her out the house. I later on after about 3 quarters bottle of spiced gold i phoned him again and he said she was there. My mind immediatelly kicked into overdrive "anger" and i jumped into my car and raced there.

After a massive screaming match with her i calmed down and went home and continued drinking.

Sunday i woke up and there was a glass on my table of something that was a concoction of god knows what but it was revolting. i pretty much stayed on the couch the whole day feeling sorry for myself.

Lets hope the week goes better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Being hated

I have figured out today that alot of people out there hate me for various reasons. I'm only gonna name a few and then take it from there.

Being thin...model thin...its annoying
Smart or intelligent, whatever
Analytical as in psychology and problem solving
Daring...kidnapping a lover is one of them
No care attitude

Yeah. Why ?

Monday, February 9, 2009

OMG its been a while


I have done this is a long time so i should probably do a long post to update everyone.

Well i have met someone new, had fights with everyone old and rekindled a strong friendship.

Work is crazy and i have learnt that my body isn't as strong as i thought it was.