Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Relationships and Cleaning...

Hehehe i was a real boy yesterday as in lunchtime i decided to go buy new dash dials for my car. My temperature and fuel gauges don't work so well so i thought it better to go buy new ones and fit them. Yes i broke them if you are asking.

I'm working this weekend and its gonna be crazy as everyone wants me to see them this includes Badgirl and Confused (a girl i met) The problem is i wanna see Badgirl alot as she was in tears last night as her relationship basically ended and i also wanna see Confused as we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks. Gonna see how i can arrange it :)

Last night getting home my roomie wasn't there and i walked into the kitchen and the place was a f-ing mess from sunday. i started cleaning and now it super clean and i'm not normally a cleaning person. I started playing games and my friend got home a little intoxicated and we just watched a movie, got some dinner and went to bed.

Just got a new Tshirt from work...Vodacom Foundation day.

Gonna see tonight if i'm up for a drink at the Keg as its students night and i haven't seen my friends in a while...mmmm.

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acidicice said...

I also got that t-shirt :) Seems like they're just handing them out to anybody ;o)

Cleaning is a good way to vent. I always clean when I'm angry. You should try it! If it doesn't satisfy you, then you can go punch a bag or something :)