Monday, February 23, 2009

Da weekend

The weekend was not one of the best in the world.

Friday night i was supposed to go out with a dear friend (ex fiance) as we now have a routine of skating together. Our friendship is a secret as her parents will always deny anything between us but i'm happy where i am with "us" We have become super close and still share our special bond which is scary yet makes me happy because thats what i want.

Sooo friday night i hooked my laptop up to my TV and watched the first 2 seasons of Dirty Sexy Money and i enjoyed it, went later on and got myself some Pizza and went back home. Typical loner night....

Saturday morning I woke up to clean the entire house as my roomies brother was having his Bday party there. i was alone till about 12 when everyone started pitching up and then the drinking started. i Told my self i won't drink too much and i ended up having my drink mixed the whole f-ing night and now there will be photo's on FB...Hell.

I had a bit too much to drink and invited goddaughter's dad around to join us as he has been going through a tough time and he said he's waiting for the mom to arrive as he kicked her out the house. I later on after about 3 quarters bottle of spiced gold i phoned him again and he said she was there. My mind immediatelly kicked into overdrive "anger" and i jumped into my car and raced there.

After a massive screaming match with her i calmed down and went home and continued drinking.

Sunday i woke up and there was a glass on my table of something that was a concoction of god knows what but it was revolting. i pretty much stayed on the couch the whole day feeling sorry for myself.

Lets hope the week goes better.

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