Thursday, November 17, 2011

What has happened

So much has happened in the last 3 years

1. I started dating a wonderful girl and we got married in March 2011 :)
2. We bought a home together and it will be finally finished this December after waiting for 2 years
3. I was in a major car accident.
4. I started playing paintball :)

Our house is finally coming into fruition after waiting for a very long time. We are currently living with my parents in law due to my car accident and having a problem with stairs for 4 months we had no choice to move out.

I have attached photos of what my car looked after a Truck hit me head on. it was quite a massive impact and i broke my left knee (i won't upload photos of that)

My mother was in the car with me and she was seriously injured but she pulled through which is miraculous. She broke 15 ribs, her right knee and damaged 2 vertebrae in her back.

Other than that the recovery was painful, Physio's are not my friends anymore.

I am now able to walk and run (slightly)

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